Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing to Spring Clean the energy of your home


There is a physical and spiritual connection between our-self and our homes, indeed our home is a mirror for what is going on inside us. When we work consciously to clear the energy of our homes, the energy of our space merges with our own energy: our home takes on the essence of who we really are. 

In feng shui we use an energy template called a “bagua” which shows the energetic connection between the various areas of our lives and the different sectors in our homes. When any area is cluttered there will be a corresponding sense of stagnation in that area of our lives. 

Once we begin to clear our clutter, we will experience a corresponding flow of energy into our home and therefore our life.

It is vital to keep all of the energies that surround us vibrant and alive – this creates pathways for our own energy to grow, develop and flourish. 

Clearing clutter and revitalising our life and our home is actually an exciting and joyous activity as it unblocks energy so that light and chi may permeate every corner of our space and every part of our life. 

This shift in energy always causes some kind of transformation to occur. It’s like everyday magic, shifting stuck energy in our homes will release energy in the area of your life related to that part of your home. 


This is generally done before carrying out or placing Feng Shui cures and enhancements in order to clear out old patterns or “stuck ness” that may be holding us back. For this purpose we generally use:

  1. Resonant Sound (a bell or a drum) to agitate energy which is heavy or stuck
  2. Cleansing incense to clear the energy of the space 
  3. Uplifting sound (such as a ting bell or rattle to call in support from spirit)
  4. Re-energising scent (I use aromatherapy blends, specially crafted for each space)

Doing some space clearing periodically keeps the energy light and moving or whenever we feel there is a sense of being stuck in a rut.

I carry out a space clearing as part of every feng shui design consultation with my clients. It is an excellent way to reset the energy of your home  before applying feng shui enhancements, to create a flow of positive chi to all areas of your life.