Space Clearing

space clearing lifts and disperses negative energy

What is space clearing for?

Does your space feel tired, heavy or stuck in some way? Do you feel drained overwhelmed when you arrive home? If so, space clearing is the remedy. Every experience in a space, all of the emotions etc gather like so many cobwebs in the corners of your space – over time this creates an atmosphere that can feel blocked and lacking in energy – space clearing lifts and disperses negative energy and creates a breath of fresh air for new invigorated energy to uplift your space and re-energise your life.

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Learn the process of  space clearing for yourself

As part of our foundation level feng shui design course you will learn how to space clear your own space to keep your energy fresh and revitalised as you work, rest and play

When do we need to do space clearing?

Space Clearing is generally done before carrying out or placing feng shui cures and enhancements in order to clear out old patterns or “stuckness” that may be holding you back. Space Clearing is involved with cleansing the “atmosphere” within a space. It is understood that each space resonates with the energy of the people that have occupied it previously. It can be likened the way in which an argument can seem to “hang in the air” for some time afterwards, well, over time every experience that occurs within the space builds up like so many “psychic cobwebs” within the space and can make it feel dull and heavy and lifeless. Space Clearing cleanses this energy introduces positive intention into a building, lifting the atmosphere in the same way that spring-cleaning does on a physical level. It is important to do this when we move into a new home or workplace and also to “clear the air” every now and then and refresh the energy within a space so that it supports the energy of the occupants rather than keeping them stuck in the past.

Bespoke Space Clearing Mists

I make bespoke space clearing mists using pure essential oils for each of my clients to maintain the uplifting energy created in our space clearing process.

Contact me if you would like to order a bespoke space clearing mist for your space.  

Uses of Space Clearing

1. To clear any kind of “stuckness”, heavy atmospheres etc.

2. To clear recurring problems – things that keep coming up.

3. to clear predecessor energy – the energy of people who worked or lived there before you.

4. For healing – when people have been ill – Remove the sick person from the room and then do space clearing.

5. To clear out emotions that linger after someone dies there.

6. To manifest/create things you want to happen in your life.

7. To enhance your spiritual development – “Live in the now” – being present.

8. To increase your vitality – shift the couch potato syndrome – it can even be useful for people with ME.

9 To improve your sex life – you need to be in an energetically clear space to feel comfortable.

10. To make a room feel really special – meditation rooms for example or to change the atmosphere in any room.

11. To give you a real sense of belonging in a space – connecting with the earth spirits.

12. For businesses – to revitalise them.

13. When travelling – to clear out the room of other peoples’ energy.

14. For luck – if you are having a run of bad luck and have lost your sense of purpose – space clearing can give more clarity – it gets you back on that energy wave and you can “surf on it” – synchronicity.


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