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Applying feng shui to our businesses and workplaces
is equally important as applying it to our homes.

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Subtle changes made to our working environment affect how we feel upon entering and also how staff and customers feel about the space and as a result, how they feel about our business.

The view from your desk affects how you feel – is it overcrowded and overwhelming?

In Feng Shui we look at every aspect of a business – the layout and orientation of your space, First impressions on entering, the physical working area staff and especially of key individuals. We look at colour, flow of movement through the space and room for expansion.

The positioning of desks within a workspace will greatly influence the comfort and, as a result, the focus and productivity of staff. Simple changes and additions can make a space more comfortable, balanced, supportive and enjoyable to work in.

The same goes for working from home, which is becoming more and more prevalent, even for part of the week. Setting up a home office space which supports the energy of the occupant reduces stress and adds to the overall quality and quantity of work we can produce.

Clutter and storage is often an issue, too much “stuff” in a space can become overwhelming and in the end causes energy to stagnate and can really limit the potential energy of an individual and so their work/business.

We look also at ways to mitigate for environmental stressors in modern buildings so that we are not overly stressed simply by occupying the space. We look at emf from electrical equipment and chemical pollution from material finishes. Again, making subtle and very inexpensive changes can radically affect our health and sense of wellbeing as we work.

What’s involved in having a feng shui and healthy building Consultation?

A Feng Shui Consultation involves looking at every aspect or your business – what is working, what needs a boost etc. For this reason we take many things into account, the clients astrology – heavens energy, the physical environment – the clients personal energy, and the energy of the environment, which they occupy – earth’s energy. Most Feng Shui Consultations involve first having some Feng Shui Astrology done – this can be the Japanese version – 9 star Ki, or the Chinese Version – Ming Kua and Four pillars Astrology. This simply provides extra information about the individuals to figure out what their energy is and how it may best be supported.

In 9 star ki for instance we look at how a persons energy changes each year over a cycle of 9 years and this can give us an insight into how our energy is in any given year or month of that year – it can seem bright and full of life at some times and at others we can feel much more introverted and withdrawn, finding it hard to get motivated. The ming kua will give us information about our personal auspicious and inauspicious directions which can enable us to tap into our best direction energetically in the places where we spend long periods of time e.g. where we work. The four pillars information allows us to look at the five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, earth and Metal and how we can use these in interior design and what we wear etc. to support our energy best.

How does feng shui apply to your space?

Prior to the consultation itself I ask the Client to provide me with a floor plan of the space involved – this does not need to be too detailed once it is proportionate, this is usually sufficient. This plan is sent to me prior to the consultation date so that initial observations may be noted at this stage. I also require the date, place and time of birth for each of the occupants of the space – in a very large office – the details for key personnel such as HR, reception and senior managers will suffice. The consultation itself takes an average of 2 – 3 hours and involves an explanation of your Feng Shui Astrology and discussion with you about what you wish to derive from the consultation.

The Bagua / energy template for application of feng shui to your space

Once this has been established I will explain how the Bagua and Feng Shui principles may be applied to the space in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way that is practical and proportionate to how you work in the space. This involves looking at furniture layout, colour, ornamentation etc. Then we walk through the space and make initial observations and recommendations on the walk through. Following this, I may need to walk through the space a second time making notes and observations and dowsing for geopathic stress etc. If the geopathic stress or exposure to electromagnetic fields is particularly severe, I can recommend some equipment to balance for this.

In other cases it may be necessary to do some Space Clearing work. Space Clearing is involved with cleansing the “atmosphere” within a space. It is understood that each space resonates with the energy of the people that have occupied it previously. It can be likened the way in which an argument can seem to “hang in the air” for some time afterward, well, over time every experience that occurs within the space builds up like so many “psychic cobwebs” within the space and can make it feel dull and heavy and lifeless. Space Clearing cleanses this energy introduces positive intention into a building, lifting the atmosphere in the same way that spring-cleaning does on a physical level. It is important to do this when we move into a new home or workplace and also to “clear the air” every now and then and refresh the energy within a space so that it supports the energy of the occupants rather than keeping them stuck in the past.

Feng Shui adjustments to your space

Very often simply adjustments to layout of furnishings, addition of elements such as plants and imagery in the right places and the addtion of some colour can make a vast improvement in the business. Everyones experience of the space is altered for the better, my clients report that staff feel more supported and and as a result are happier and more productive in a space which has had feng shui applied to it. Often very subtle changes can have the most radical effect. Very often, if you have occupied a space for a long time, you become unconsious of the elements within it that drag your energy down – thats where I come in. I can give you an independant viewpoint on what simple changes you can make to your working environment immediately and going forward to improve the environment in which you do business.

Each consultation is tailored to your individual needs

A consultation may involve a combination of the above elements, each consultation is different as it is tailored to the individual client and space involved. I provide a written report afterwards to make further recommendations and to reiterate the advice given during the consultation.

Cost of consultations

For consultations nationwide, an extra charge will be applied related to mileage and transfer time etc. An exact price will be given prior to our consultation once we have discussed what your requirements are, where the property is located etc. I will be delighted to consult with you on the feng shui of your business at a date and time that suits your schedule. Remember to allow at least 2-3hrs for our consultation in order to allow for variations in the type of consultation needed on the day. Simply give me a call on 086-2719292 or drop me an e-mail and we can make the arrangements from there.


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