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Whether you work from home or from a designated business premises, it is equally as important to look at creating balance at work as it is at home.

Our general energy, mood and comfort as we work has a direct influence on our creativity, productivity and therefore success in business.

Everything we experience in our space, from the colour scheme, layout and orientation of the building and furnishings, artwork etc has a direct effect on us, the occupants and visitors alike.


  • First impressions are formed within seconds of entering a building and account for over 75% of our overall experience of the space and therefore the business which occupies it. Take a closer look at the locality, the building exterior, the entrance and finally the interior itself – analyse the material finishes, colour, lighting and form in terms of the ambience they create; noticing how each impacts on our energy is the first step.
  • Ensure the reception area provides a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of large healthy plants if possible, good lighting and comfortable seating.
  • The colours chosen for this area should reflect the image to be portrayed by the company.
  • The company name or logo should be clearly visible for immediate impact – NOT on a doormat, which invites people to wipe their feet on the company name!! The company logo or name, for example, imprinted on stone or brass gives an impression of a solid, well, established company.

Clutter in offices

Clutter and disorder create blocked, stuck, heavy energy. Develop a clear-desk policy so that each worker begins their day at a clear desk. When your environment is untidy, it is difficult to think straight and you can find yourself losing and forgetting things, which makes your work hard and laborious.

Where possible, people should be given some ownership of their individual workspace. People find it stressful to work in cramped, uncomfortable spaces. Allow staff to decorate their individual space (within reason) with plants, or some personal items to make the space their own. Yet it is important to also allow for some communal space between desks so that people do not become too insular. For this reason, avoid very high partitions between desks.

Plants in offices

Plants are an essential addition to the modern office environment. They clean the air and add a natural element that screens unpleasant views while making the space feel less artificial.

Lighting – ensure that all areas are adequately lit. Ideally this will not be with fluorescent lighting as this has a high emf, can have a flicker and cause glare. If this is unavoidable, replace bulbs over individual desks with full spectrum fluorescent bulbs, but not throughout the entire office. Ideally each person will have a desk lamp and control over any adjacent window blind so that they can control the lighting quality at their own desk.

Ensure that the offices of key people – especially managers and team leaders are laid out according to the above advice and also utilise feng shui astrology to determine the best direction for these people to face while working. These subtle changes can have a huge impact on your energy while you work. The ensuing sense of balance and uplift will then filter out to all areas of the company.

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