positive outcomes from satisfied clients

So much more than simply advice

“We found Edel to be a deeply knowledgeable person in terms of her subject matter and also a wonderful guest in our home. Her suggestions were simple, practical and enlightened. She brought so much more to us than simply advice on re-design. She took our whole situation into account and added to the good things we had already done. She left behind a lightness of spirit and some practical ideas for improvement for a long time into the future. Many thanks!”
Joanne, Co Wexford

A different perspective on your living space

“It was great to get a different perspective on your living space. In addition to practical advice of interior decoration and colour choices, I gained an awareness of the need to keep the energy of your home fresh. What was perfect for you five years ago may not be today. Your home can support you in the changes you want to make or anchor you in the past; the choice is up to you”
Paula. Co Meath

My home feels lighter

“I dont know if its the principles of the ancient art of Feng shui at work but my home feels lighter and others have commented on it”
Niamh Hooper Co. Dublin (Journalist – Irish Independent)

Implementing suggestions

“Thank you for our feng shui consultation and report for our new home in Spain. I’m looking forward to implementing all your wonderful suggestions!”
MK Spain

Class Participants Comments

“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop on Saturday. It was one of the best courses I have attended (and I’ve done quite a few!). The content and clarity was amazing. I’m motivated and energised to put what I learned from you on Saturday into practice. I’m already looking forward to your next course.”
C.H Dublin

“Thank you so much for a most enjoyable, informative and relaxed day today…best course I have ever been on! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one”.
M.P. Dublin

“Thanks so much Edel for a wonderful weekend. I got so much from the workshop and really enjoyed every moment-I didn’t want it to finish!”
S.C. Dublin 2019

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. Your workshop was welcoming, down to earth and fun. I was in exactly the right place and Feng Shui resonates very strongly for me. I can’t wait to get started on my home and my partners”
L.M. Dublin

“Thanks for a great feng shui weekend full to the brim with info. So will start small with that clutter clearing……You make it all so assessable and fun. Great to have the hand-outs for reference too”.
C.F. Dublin

“Thank you for a very enlightening few weeks. Looking forward to making some home improvements!”
M Maguire, Dublin 14

“Thank you for a very comprehensive, interesting and exciting course – you made the subject come alive”
C. Flaherty Dublin 15

”I was very pleased with the amount of topics covered, and with the course overall. I thought the notes were very well thought out and easy to follow”
S. Kelly Dublin 5

“Thank you Edel for a very enjoyable course – you put a lot into it and the notes are great – you made the subject very easy to understand. You covered a huge amount ”
M. C. Dublin 9


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