The Bagua; an energy template to view the deep energtic connection/relationship between our built space and our lives

The Bagua

This is an energy template which is overlaid onto the floor plan or footprint of a building in order to show the energetic relationship between the built environment and the various areas of our lives.

This provides us with a view of the three dimensional flow of energy through our spaces, offering us insight into how we can reflect the dynamic  balance found in nature into our everyday lives as we work, rest and play.

Balance and Flow

In order to do this we employ the five elements found in nature and mirror the natural flow from element to element into our homes and workspaces.

Once we become aware of this energetic connection between ourselves and our homes, the practical application of feng shui to our spaces becomes like “nesting”. Applying feng shui to our spaces deepens our connection and belonging to this place at this time in our lives.

Our homes shape our lives

We are not separate from our environments, our homes are the “containers” for every aspect of our lives. In being proactive in the positioning of furnishings, the application and placement of colour and imagery, for example; “We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us” 

A simple bagua may be applied to your home by dividing it into 9 proportionately shaped “boxes” or you can create an octagon overlay which aligns the bagua diagram shown with the floorplan of your space.

Different approaches to feng shui

There are two main approaches to the application of the bagua:

The first aligns the base line of the bagua with the front door of your home (regardless of orientation). The thinking being that the front door is the main mouth of chi or energy into your home and therefore where energy enters your space.

The second more traditional approach aligns the bagua to the compass orientation of your home i.e. the north sector relates to area 1 (journey) and south sector relates to area 9 (clarity, recognition) and so on.

You must decide on one or other approach, the different approaches do not integrate with one another. They both create a balanced flow of the five elements and address each area of our lives in terms of how the relate to our built environment.

Learn more

To learn more about the application of the bagua and feng shui to your home read my book “A Place to call Home” , book a feng shui design consultation or attend an online foundation level workshop where you will learn how to apply this rich information to your home for yourself.