Spring Forward with Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui and 9 star ki for 2024


Spring has definitely sprung, with an early Easter and the clock changing, the brighter evenings have arrived. 

Associated with wood/tree energy  in Feng Shui and brings with it a sense of impatience to get going, start new projects and make some changes. 

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Chen/Zhen – thunder.

Thunder is associated with action, motivation, enthusiasm, our first teachers in life and our parental influence. The nature of Chen is agitation, sudden impulses, renewal, noisiness, liberation and revolution. Also known as “the awakening” it is associated with birth, growth and development.

The shift in energy this year & 9 star ki

Each year over a cycle of 9 years the energy shifts and changes. There is a “global” energy shift and a more personal flow which we each feel on a subtle and sometimes not so subtle level. I’m sure you will have felt the shift in energy since the beginning of February, the pace has gone up a notch and for some that will feel great but for others it can be unsettling and even exhausting.

Supporting yourself through change

Understanding your own personal energetic signature is key to supporting yourself through these changes. Each year over a cycle of 9 years there is a global shift in energy but on a personal level we each feel this differently. 

You can learn more about how to support your personal energy with feng shui and also how best to navigate through the annual changes for this year in our annual “Being in your element with 9 star ki” course which is now available ON DEMAND to watch at your own leisure. This is a half-day online on demand course which is packed full of practical and insightful information on 9 star ki and feng shui for 2024.

Getting out of our own way

Feng Shui is often associated with clutter clearing, this is because of the energetic shift we can achieve by clearing the decks and making some space physically and metaphorically for something new to drop in. As the saying goes Nature abhors a vacuum and when it comes to clutter clearing that really is true.

By keeping the energy in our environment vibrant and releasing “stuck” energy through clearing clutter, we can clear the “pathways” for our energy to not only grow and develop but to flourish. 

Clearing clutter unblocks the flow of energy so that light and chi can permeate all corners of our space and every area of our home and work lives. This revitalising energy always causes some kind of transcendence to occur. 

Once we begin to clear clutter, we will experience a corresponding flow of energy into our built space which ripples out into every area of our lives as we work, rest and play. 

Where to begin

Start small, target one cupboard/shelf or worktop. Tackle small areas one at a time, even setting a timer so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming to begin with. The corresponding lift in energy you will feel as a result will keep the forward momentum going. 

Inner and outer balance

There is a vibrational connection between our selves and our built environment. Our living and working spaces mirror what is going on inside us. When we work consciously to clear the energy of our environment, the energy of our inner and outer worlds synchronises and comes into balance. 

Start now

The best time to begin is NOW. Start small and keep going. Then watch for the corresponding energetic  shift in the life-area you are working in. (See Bagua for more information).  

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