Feng Shui and 9 star ki for 2024 ON DEMAND half day workshop


Being in your element for 2024: Feng Shui Design for the year ahead. In this annual workshop we look at:

  • The energetic shift from 2023 the year of the water rabbit to 2024 the year of the wood dragon.
  • The cyclical energy of the Five elements in Feng Shui Design and how to go with the flow as the energy changes for the new year.
  • Our own personal elemental signature with 9 star ki. We each have our own personal energetic signature which influences how we interact with others and how we act and react to changes in our environment.
  • What can we expect for 2024 personally with 9 star ki. Each year our energy subtly changes and evolves. We look at how we can go with the flow of this change, supporting dynamic balance in all areas of our lives.
  • Supporting our individual energy within our homes and workspaces with Feng Shui Design enhancements for 2024
  • What to expect energetically in the year of the Wood Dragon. Globally the energy will shift quite dramatically as we move from the year of the water rabbit to the year of the wood dragon on February 10th. Being prepared for this shift allows us to maximise our potential for positive change.

Click here for a short video outlining what was covered in this course

ON DEMAND 3.5 hour COURSE you will be sent the link to view in your own time

Run by Edel Cleary, Interior Designer and Feng shui Practitioner

FSNI FSSA IFSG IFPA Feng Shui Society UK accredited consultant and approved foundation level course provider.



Being in your element: Feng Shui Design &  9 star ki. Discover what to expect energetically in 2024 the Wood Dragon.

This is our annual 9 star ki & feng shui half day workshop where we look at the changing energies for the year ahead and ways to support our personal energy for 2024.


2024 is a 3-Tree energy year in 9 star ki and marks the opportunity for a new beginning.  3-tree energy signifies change and a fresh start. It is also the year of the wood dragon which represents bright new revolutionary concepts and a time of reckoning which invites us to work together to implement new ideas and a new way of being.

Understanding our own individual energetic signature in the context of applying feng shui to our homes and workspaces is a very powerful way to tap into our fullest potential. 9 star ki offers a wonderful insight into our personal energy and how we relate to others as we work, rest and play.

Each year over a cycle of 9 years our personal energy subtly changes – in some years we will feel like we are tapping in to the full force of spring with great energy and opportunities for new beginnings. In other years we have greater potential to deepen relationships or to go deeper into study or expand our creativity.

Tapping in to this cyclical flow of energy each year allows us to optimise the energy in every area of our lives.

In this course we will cover your own personal energy signature based on when you were born and how you can support your energy for the coming year. We then layer this information into feng shui design for your home and workspace so that you can optimise the energy in every area of your life.

2024 The year of the Wood Dragon ON DEMAND workshop – yours to view in your own time

Each year over a 60 year cycle in Feng Shui we look at the energetic signature globally for the year using 12 animals and 5 elements as a method to describe the essence of the energy we can expect for the year ahead. 2023 was the year of the water rabbit and had its own unique energy signature. 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon, we will take a look at what this will feel like energetically and look at ways to maximise our personal energy for 2024.


You will be sent the link to view this course in your own time. This class was recorded live on Feb 10th 2024



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