May Blessings – Abundance and Plenty

May blessings Feng Shui Design

May Blessings and Abundance for the year ahead

This month our focus is on the energy of blessings and manifesting abundance in our lives. In our FREE monthly spotlight class on the 11th of May this will be our topic of conversation.


At the beginning of May we celebrate Bealtaine a festival of celebration in anticipation of the bountiful blessings to come. All around us Nature is bursting with creative energy and the power of potential new life. 

This marks our movement into the last quarter before the Summer Solstice which is the fullest expansion of light and manifestation.

We can hear the birds singing and see the blossoms forming on the fruit trees, heralding abundant life about to be born. The Hawthorn is flowering bringing with it the spirit of releasing blocked energy, stress and fears. She reminds us to open ourselves up to healing and open-hearted loving communication. 


The energy of Abundance encompasses:

  • all forms of blessings, 
  • wealth, 
  • opportunity, 
  • invitations, 
  • the activity which supports us financially or which sustains our influence or position.  

Where to begin

Before we begin to make any feng shui placements to enhance abundance, it is a good idea to take some time to focus on what abundance means to each of us. 

Get really granular here. Write a list of what you would like to manifest in your life this coming year. 

  • What is the outcome you are hoping for? 
  • Is it money in the bank?
  • A new car/home/designer clothes?
  • All of the above?
  • Or is it something else entirely?
  • Is it the time to relax and enjoy what you have already amassed?
  • Or is it the freedom to choose your own path?

Now ask yourself:

  • What will it feel like when you have achieved it?
  • How will you recognise that you have arrived “there”

Taking time to really think about this allows you to relax and enjoy abundance as it flows into your life. Otherwise we are constantly striving for something elusive and just out of our reach. 

More is not always better, especially if it means you have to sacrifice happiness today by working non-stop to achieve future goals. 

What is abundance?

The energy of Abundance in Feng Shui is at its core about having and being conscious of good fortune at every stage in our lives. Good omens, harmony and having good health to enjoy life are all a part of this energy. 

Balance is key. 

Growth, then a pause to enjoy and be grateful for what we have achieved before moving on to our next phase of growth and development. Look at the balanced growth all around us in Nature.

The apple tree does not produce the apple until she has first gone through many phases of new growth and development:

  • First she awakens and sprouts out new leaves
  • Then she pauses in her development to allow them to unfurl fully
  • Next she blossoms with the promise of manifesting fruit in the future
  • Pausing again, she allows them to bud, gently open and then fall away
  • Finally when the time is right and the environment supports it, she produces fruit. 

Connect with Nature

Take some time outdoors in the coming days and weeks to breathe in the abundance of nature, notice the plant and animal life. Take in the vibrant colours of the new flowers, the green of the grass and leaves. 

Tune into this abundant energy with all of your senses. Breathe it in deeply, inviting in this energy of the promise of manifestation into every area of your life. 

The Abundance energy area in your home

Locate the abundance energy area on the bagua for your home. Open up the windows, allowing some fresh air and light into this part of your home. Do some physical cleaning and space clearing to uplift the energy here while holding the intention of making space for new growth and abundance in your life. 

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