Seasonal Fragrant Chi for your home

Simply gently diffuse in a cold air diffuser. Scent is deeply personal so it is important to find essential oils that resonate with positive memories for you. In general the citrus oils are wonderful to provide uplift.

Try this blend to fill your home with uplifting chi at the Winter Solstice and over the Christmas holidays

3drops Black Spruce Picea Mariana – Its fresh penetrating forest floor scent lifts the blend impacting our solar plexus which energises restores self confidence, perseverence and will power and is calming, and supports deep breathing; it can fend off first signs of colds and flu. Black sprice offers strength and calm support and is anti microbial and anti bacterial; excellent for adrenal fatigue

3drops Cypress cupressus sempervirens which has a wonderful woody, resinous scent with soft smoky notes. This wonderful supportive scent impacts our solar plexus, promotes confidence and patience; it also impacts our third eye chakra which promotes wisdom and aids in tapping in to the collective unconscious. Cypress is a tonic on a physical and emotional level. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, decongestant, excellent for times of grief, trauma or transition, when we are feeling overwhelmed. a stable anchor in challenging times, purification, wound healing for the skin and psyche; “a friend holding your hand through troubled times”.

 2 drops Orange (citrus sinesis)  which is sweet, fresh and fruity like the zest of an orange. This bright uplifting scent, impacts our Sacral and heart chakras – promotes joy and creativity and joyful love. It also frees up our Throat chakra and promotes uninhibited communication. Orange is said to ease stress and move out stagnant chi; It sunny scent encourages joy and optimism and adaptability, reducing fear of the unknown; It is known to be antiviral, anti-depressant and a digestive aid. Its  warm sunny sweet aroma infuses joy into a space, unblocks and circulates stagnant energy and calms tension when we feel overwhelmed.CINNAMON

1 drop Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum whose scent is sweet and spicy. This essential oil is highly diffusive, a little goes a very long way. This essential oil taps in to our sacral chakra, it is warming and energising; anti-depressant and also antimicrobial, It is antiseptic in action and therefore excellent to diffuse during times when we are experiencing infectious illnesses like winter coughs and cold as it is an immune supportive essential oil. As well as being the scent we associate with Christmas baking!

Play around with the quantities of each oil until you get the harmonic scent you enjoy 8-10 drops total is sufficient.


NB Treat essential oils as medicine – they are highly concentrated pure extracts from the plant world (it takes a hugh amount of plant material to make just a few drops of essential oil). If at any time you feel any discomfort from diffusing any of these oils, stop at once. It is always a good idea to test if any oil is ok for you: open the cap and hold just the cap at a distance sniffing the air – if you feel any constriction in your breathing, then this oil is not for you.

Small animals and young babies and those with compromised immune systems need to be treated with extra care. Diffuse oils at a safe distance in a well ventilated space. Allow for small animals to be able to leave the room if they wish to do so – remember their sense of smell is much more intense than ours so care needs to be taken not to overwhelm their system. Start with a half strength diffuser blend if in doubt and work from there. You will only need 8-10 drops total to fill your space with their beautiful scent. Diffuse for 20 mts at a time.