Introduce the Fire element for Clarity and enlightenment


The Bagua

In feng shui we use an energy template called the Bagua to create a flow of the five elements throughout our built environment to introduce the dynamic balanced flow of energy found in nature, into our living and working spaces. (see separate blog for details on how to apply this information to the floorplan of your living or working space)

The area of our homes which is most associated with Fire energy is also known as reputation or fame; this area represents clarity, vision and enlightenment. This is the energy of spiritual illumination or illumination from within and being able to illuminate or enlighten others. It is about what we are known for, either personally or professionally. Being “charged by fire” means manifesting the energy of clarity.

Fire is bright, hot and explosive. 

Add fire for more clarity, warmth and radiant energy.

Therefore, we can introduce the essence of fire energy in design elements which have this flashy, attention-grabbing, fiery and eye-catching nature.

If we think about a firework, it is instantly attention-grabbing, expansive, illuminating and then, just as quickly as it burst into vision, it is gone like a flash in the pan. Fire has a similar nature, it is high energy, volatile and fast-acting.

Fire Energy Shape

Church spires, pointed and triangular shapes, and spear heads all have fiery energy, they imply action. The church spire points toward heaven.

The triangular shape of the pyramids were said to have been so shaped to create spaces for transformation and transmutation of energy.

Triangular shapes in architecture such as gothic arches, and in decor in the form of diamond, triangluar or star shapes in design hold the expansive energy of this element.

Lighting and candles

Bright fiery energy can be introduced with lighting, in particular eye-catching fittings which offer drama or disperse light in all directions like a sunburst or firework.

If we are lacking inspiration or feeling we lack direction, adding bright lighting to this area can help to illuminate the way forward.

The fire element can be introduced in the form of actual fire, candles and bright lighting. You need to decide on the quality of the fire you introduce, ensuring that it truly reflects the type of energy you are inviting into your life.


The colours red, red-orange and red-purple have the fiery heat associated with the fire element and may be introduced in paint colours, rugs, ornamentation and artwork to introduce the essence of this energy.


Choose eye-catching and inspirational imagery for this part of your home. This is the area to represent your individual nature, your own personality. This is the part of your home where you get to “show off” and say “This is me!”.

For more detailed information on the five elements and feng shui design read my book “A Place to Call Home: your feng shui guidebook for design, connection and belonging” Chapter 7 “Living in harmony with Nature” and Chapter 8 “The balanced Home”

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