Tuning in to our inner wisdom

November is often a time when we can feel caught up with the busy energy of preparation for Christmas. If your inbox is anything like mine, then this week you will have had a flood of Black Friday emails hustling us into action. But if we look out into nature we can see that all of the natural world is drawing its energy inward, becoming quieter and more still.

Letting go

Mother Nature is letting go of this years leaf growth, the days are getting ever-shorter and we feel the natural instinct to draw our energy inward.

This month I invite you to cultivate stillness. Tuning in to the silence within. This is where you will truly touch into your inner wisdom. Listening to your body and noticing how your personal energy is at the moment. When we truly listen to what our body, mind and spirit need at this time  we can come back into balance within ourselves.

Mountain Time

This month our focus is on cultivating stillness and deepening our sense of connection and belonging.

In feng shui we associate this energy with “Mountain time” and the I Ching trigram Ken. Its nature is one of contemplation, deep thinking, inner knowledge, accumulated wisdom and retreat. In nature it takes thousands of years for a mountain to form, the essence of this energy is slow and methodical; its development is inward and downward, going deep to form something of great quality over time.

The questions to ask ourselves at this time are 

Is my mind clear? Do I feel Stagnant or stuck in a rut?

This part of our lives is associated with our capacity to take time out to regenerate and then reemerge refreshed, changed and revolutionised.

Stillness & Inner Connection

In Feng Shui we associated this area of the bagua for our homes with this “Mountain” energy.

This is one of the most important areas of the home to provide support in our “busy being busy” modern lifestyle. It is absolutely essential to take time out to “unplug” from technology and the constant external stimulation of modern living. In order to do this, silence is the perfect antidote. 


This energy has an association with BEING rather than doing.

“We spend so much of our life in activity…we almost feel uncomfortable just being – but that is huge restorative break in the wild swirl of activity around us – it’s like pulling back the bow in archery – like taking that big deep breath in before you dive into your day.”

“At our core there is silence and stillness…that is truly who we are when you peel away the titles, the ego, the thoughts, the beliefs, the intellect….once you get REALLY naked –you will see that who you are has nothing to do with all that we have given meaning to.” Davidji davidji.com

Stability and Grounded Support

One of my favourite enhancements for this area of the home is to dedicate a small shelf or table with a few items which act as a reminder to take some time for stillness. 

A simple incense burner, an image of a quiet space in nature, a peaceful statue of a Buddha in meditation, or an inspirational quote, for example. 

Choose something which instantly reminds you to pause and make space in your day to take a breath, to inhale some in-spiration and exhale some tension or restriction. 

This is our space to connect to stillness, stability and grounded support.