February 1st marks the Celtic Festival of Imbolc when we celbrate the Goddess Brighid

Feng shui flowing with the cycle of the seasons

Brighids Blessings!

The Celtic new year begins on February 1st

The new year is almost upon us. On February 1st we celebrate the return of Brighid as she rises from her winter slumber.


  • Embodies the spark of new life
  • Reignites the energy of growth and vitality in the natural world
  • Reminds us that it is time to prepare ourselves for the changes that will come this year.

As this energy rises it brings with it all of the new shoots for growth for the new year.

On Brighids eve there is a tradition of leaving out a blue cloth in the garden overnight.

The cloth then gathers the morning dew which is filled with Brighids blessings; bestowed as she passes over the land before dawn.

This  blue cloth can then be used to wrap around ourselves to benefit from her healing throughout the year.

On the Cusp of Change

We are right on the cusp of the change in energy for the year ahead.

There area many different systems converging this coming week:

  • On February 1st we have Imbolc the Celtic festival of initiation, healing and of remembering what has been forgotten. This ignites our own intuitioin, inspiring us into action.
  • On February 4th we celebrate the solar new year in the 9 star ki tradition where we see the energy shift from 4 wood/wind energy to 3 wood/ thunder which offers a tremendous opportunity to begin again.
  • On February 10th we celebrate the Lunar new year of the WOOD DRAGON, marking the end and the beginning of a 60 year cycle of change.
  • The wood dragon is the only mystical being of all 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and with it comes the possibility to have “other-worldly” communication and thinking. This is a time when we get to dream a bigger dream for the world and for ourselves.

In this coming year we have the opportunity to let go of the trauma built up over the last four years.

This year we can open ourselves up to breaking through old paradigms and patterns, allowing new growth to blossom.

Annual 9 star ki and elemental changes workshop ON DEMAND COURSE celebrating the beginning of the Wood Dragon energy for 2024

Watch the recording of this half day workshop in your own time and learn how to maximise your energy in 2024

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The energetic shift from 2023 the year of the water rabbit to 2024 the year of the wood dragon.
  • The cyclical energy of the Five elements in Feng Shui Design and how to go with the flow as the energy changes for the new year.
  • Our own personal elemental signature with 9 star ki. We each have our own personal energetic signature which influences how we interact with others and how we act and react to changes in our environment.
  • What can we expect for 2024 personally with 9 star ki. Each year our energy subtly changes and evolves. We look at how we can go with the flow of this change, supporting dynamic balance in all areas of our lives.
  • Supporting our individual energy within our homes and workspaces with Feng Shui Design enhancements for 2024
  • What to expect energetically in the year of the Wood Dragon. Globally the energy will shift quite dramatically as we move from the year of the water rabbit to the year of the wood dragon on February 10th. Being prepared for this shift allows us to maximise our potential for positive change.

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