Being comfortable right where you are

A common theme emerged recently with a group of my clients which has led me to share this post with our wider group. The theme that has come up again and again recently is the importance of working with the space you are currently occupying at any given time, even if you feel this is just a “temporary home”.

Recently I have worked with several clients who are

  • building new homes
  • planning rennovations
  • getting ready to move into a new home
  • are in “temporary” homes while they find the “right home”
  • are living on a regular basis between two homes.

When we are always looking ahead we can lose connection with where we are

Often when people are living somewhere which isn’t viewed by them as permanent they focus all of their attention on their “future home” and neglect to connect with where they are living right now.

Water takes on the shape of its container

If we look at the cycle of the elements, in particular, we see that the water element has no shape- it takes on the shape of the container it occupies. Since we are largely water, we too “take on the shape” or energetic vibration of our surroundings, however temporary.

This is why it is important to work with where we are at any given time. Our current surroundings are quite literally shaping our energy, impacting every area of our lives. This is why when I am working with clients who are in the process of planning/building/moving, I will always recommend that they look at where they are living now, with a view to balancing its energy so that it fully supports their movement forward on every level.

Small changes & space clearing

Small changes can have a very big impact. I highly recommend doing some space clearing, connecting to the energy of the land and the Diva or protective spirit of the space and calling in spiritual support from our guides and guardian spirits. Asking our spiritual support system to work with us to facilitate change for our good and the good of all concerned. Be present, connect deeply to the space. We are where we are meant to be at any given time. If there was something to be gained or learned from occupying this space at this time – what would it be? Sit quietly with this question, while meditating, and listen closely tuning into your living space for its answer.

Clutter clearing will also facilitate the flow of chi/energy releasing any sense of stagnation or block to our forward momentum.

Balancing the flow of energy

In feng shui we recommend creating a flow of the 5 elements with the intentional placement of imagery, ornamentation or use of colour or decorative elements, this will balance the flow of chi in your space. The bagua offers us an energy template to guide us with these placements. 

Surround yourself with what you love. Add some decorative elements, however small, which lift your spirits and bring you joy. Ask yourself how can I be happier right where I am? How can I feel more at home here, just for right now?

Dynamic Balance

Working to create a sense of dynamic balance (moving, growing, evolving balance) right where you are, will allow you to glide forward on your journey, easily and effortlessly going with the flow rather than swimming against the tide.

Read more in my book A Place to Call Home.