The three areas of your home to enhance emotional stability, health and inner balance

Within our homes, look at the three earth energy areas to create stability and balance:-

  • Relationships harmony (south west if using compass school; rear right from front door if using western approach)
  • Health and unity (central core of the home)
  • Mountain/knowledge/spiritual connection (North east if using compass school; front left if using western approach)

The area of mother earth/relationships harmony
Our first relationship in life is with our mother, therefore the area of relationships is deeply connected to “mother” energy and with mother earth, our earthly womb which we can nestle into and nurture our relationships with our immediate partners. This area is associated with opening ourselves up to give and receive love and support. Clear this area of clutter and bring in some earth energy in the form of stone, sculpture, crystals such as rose quartz and clear quartz. If this is a sitting room add cushions and throws etc to create a space to nestle and enfold yourself in this loving energy. If not, then at least add ornamentation or imagery which feels loving and supportive in its energy. Pairs of things work well to imply connection and balance.

The area of health and unity
The stable centre of the wheel around which everything else revolves. Keep this central core of your space clear, easy to move around and bright. Colours for this area include yellows which (after white) reflects the most light. Uplifting imagery, fresh flowers, beautiful scents all add a boost to your energy as you pass through this space.

The area of mountain; inner knowledge & spiritual connection
Provides us with stability, calm inner connection and respite from the busyness of life. Including the earth element in this area in the form of stone, marble, sculpture, mountain imagery and creating an atmosphere of calm quietude will provide balance from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Including elements here which remind us to take “time in” for meditation, reconnection with spirit and self on a daily basis provides us with our anchor. This is really important especially when going through turbulent times.