The Feng Shui Journey – Our Life-path


As we begin our journey around the sun again this is a very appropriate time to take a closer look at the area associated with our journey/life-path in our homes and workspaces. 

When we consider our Life-path, we are thinking about how things are flowing forward in our life in general. This is more than what we do as a job to “earn our living”. Think about that…..

We do the “work” we do in order to live the life we want to live. If we love what we do and the people we work with, this makes the whole process more fun and enjoyable. 

Taking Stock

It is really profound to stop and take stock of where we are on our journey and where we would like to head going forward. When you consider your work and life-path, ask yourself: 

What would I like more of? 

What would I like to let go? 

Where am I headed in my work/home life? 

How will I know when I get “there”? 

More importantly, how will it feel?

Consider where you would like to be on your journey this time next year: How would you like to feel? It is always a feeling that we are after; to feel more secure, more peaceful, more balanced, more energised, more joyful etc. Get granular with this, write down how you want your journey to feel going forward. 

Setting your Intentions

Setting out your intentions helps to set your trajectory. There is no point in setting out on your journey aimlessly. You will get “somewhere” alright, but is it where you want to be? Does it feel right for you, right now?

What is the first step you can take this week or this month to set you on your path? 

Setting out on our journey into the unknown – it is trust rather than foresight that guides us. 

Freeing ourselves from the weight of constraints of the past, from fear or expectations of the future. 

Being present in this moment, in our world and with our-self. 


Meditation can be very helpful to still the chatter of the outside world and allow us to listen to our hearts in terms of how we are feeling and to connect to our intuition on what we want to move toward. 

Journaling can also work well to plan our journey for the year ahead. Make a list of 10 things you would like to have more of in your work and your life. Then make another list of what you are ready to have less of/let go – spell it out.

Do a vision board – cut out magazine pictures, write out affirmations, draw or paint something related to your journey forward. Again this is setting out in visual format what you would like to literally draw in this year. 

Once we get clear on our intentions we can then look at practical ways to represent them in that particular area of our home. 

The Bagua

If this concept is new to you take a look at my book “ A place to call home” for full details and also my blog on setting the bagua for your home. Once you have identified this area in your home or workspace, you can begin to make adjustments. If you would like to learn how to apply feng shui design to your own home, join us for our two day online foundation level training. 

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Kan Water

Associated with the element water and forward momentum, like the movement of a river. Our journey through life is associated with our vitality, adaptability, flexibility, courage and our sense of adventure. It represents that deep and primal state which precedes all growth. It is connected to the way in which chi or energy moves like flowing water, so that when things are going smoothly, we can say we are going with the flow, or conversely swimming against the tide. 

This area of our spaces is associated with the freedom to do what we want to do, for our journey or life path to flow effortlessly, with clarity and ease. 

In Feng Shui, the celestial animal which symbolises the energy of this area is the turtle represents a slow but steady pace, being at home on your journey through life. The celestial animals offer another layer of understanding to the essence of the energy in each part of our built space. 

Where to begin? First clean and clear this area of your home/workspace

If this area is physically blocked in some way, we may experience a lot of hurdles in our life. This is why clearing clutter is so important. I recommend you start here. 

Our next FREE feng shui design spotlight class will be on the subject of clutter and space clearing to guide you through this process. 

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