Supporting rooted growth; enhancing the area of family, connection and ancestral support.

Enhancing this area associated with the energy of wood/tree

Continuing our exploration of the area of our living and working spaces which is associated with ancestral support, connection to family and community. To figure out where this relates to in your property take a read through my last blog

This area represents our extended family in the form of our community and neighbours. If this is an energy in your life which needs enhancement. The addition of a strong tall leafy green plant in this part of your home is most auspicious. The tall rectangular shapes and vertical emphasis of the wood element can be added to strengthen and support this energy.

The elemental nature of Thunder may be represented with musical instruments (noisemakers). This energy is also representative of the spring, sunrise and upward growth. It signifies both movement and growth in our lives. Art work in this area will ideally feature woodland scenes and sunrises.

The I ching symbol for this energy of vitality, action and motivation

The I Ching symbol associated with this energy is Chen one yang unbroken line at its base with two broken lines above. This is symbolically associated with the familial energy of “eldest son”. It represents action, motivation and pursuit of goals. Energising this area of our homes is said to stimulate us into action, providing us the that spark of inspiration. Think of the energy of spring, which is bursting with new growth and symbolise that in this area of the home.

This area is also known as family, ancestors and the past. You might wonder, then why it is also associated with new growth and vitality?

In order for a plant or tree to survive and thrive, it must first put down roots. We hold a close association between family energy and tree energy; we discuss “our family tree, putting down roots, the branches of our family”.

In feng shui we pay special attention to honouring and keeping this energy vital and fresh within our living and working spaces. In honouring and caring for our roots, our lineage and all of the elements that have combined to bring us to this point in our lives, we then stabilise our energy to prepare and support new growth and vitality.

Awakening to inspiration while being stabilised by our past

This energy is associated with agitation, “the arousal” of energy, awakening from the winter. Often this energy appears as a bolt from the blue which stimulates us into action, that spark of inspiration. This energy represents the full force of spring, very dynamic, yang energy. It is essential to ensure a free flow of energy in this area of your home, to create a feeling of a fresh spring breeze representing a new day and fresh growth. It is also useful to have something in this area which reminds us of family and the past. We are anchored and stabilised by our past, by the fact we are a part of a long line of energy reaching back through our families, our communities and through our ancestors.

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