Spring Equinox Blessings

feng shui design balance and blessings at the spring equinox

Spring Equinox March 21st


The equinox marks the equal length of day and night. From here on each day will be longer until we reach the fullest expansion of the light on the 21st of June. 

Our ancestors celebrated this date as a time of awakening renewal and new life. 

Essentially this is a festival of balance; of light and dark of activity and reception. Mother nature is again showing us that change is the only constant. Our ability to rest is balanced with our capability for new growth. 

Deepening our roots to support new growth

With Easter coming up, we are reminded with the symbol of the egg of the full promise of this years growth. We are ready now after our incubation period to hatch into the next new phase of development. 

By deepening our connection to our intuition, balancing this with our logical mind, we can allow ourselves to be more in balance. Deepening our sense of belonging to something much greater than ourselves. We remind ourselves that we are part of a lineage which encourages a greater sense of inner strength and belonging. 

New beginnings

Take some time in nature this week, notice the birds busily nesting, the new buds and  shoots bursting out. Bring some spring flowers inside to remind yourself of the energy of new growth and vitality of spring. This is yours to tap into in whatever area you feel the need to break out into a new beginning. A great time to make plans and make things happen. 

Letting go

For balance to happen we often need to let go of whatever no longer serves us. Shed any constricting “shell” so that we can fully develop and manifest new growth and fresh beginnings. 

The full moon eclipse is on the 25th of March. This offers an opportunity to release and let go on all levels in order to embrace positive change. The best advice is to: do what needs to be done in this regard this week; de-clutter, spring-clean, do some releasing breath-work.

Let go with the intention of releasing anything unwanted from your past. This allows you to fully embrace whatever you want to manifest going forward. 

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