Samhain Blessings – leaning into supportive traditions

Samhain – The Celtic Festival of Remembrance

Time to review and assimilate the lessons learned this year before entering into the dark phase of the year when we turn our energy inwards to nuture our dreams and visions for the new year to come. Plant the seeds for new beginnings, rest and allow them to germinate over the winter months. Relax in the knowledge that transformation is occuring deep below the surface.

The end and the beginning

Samhain is the festival which marks the Autumns end and the beginning of Winter; the end and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. This festival is seen as an affirmation of rebirth in the midst of the dying back of this years growth as we enter the darkness of the winter months. This is the phase of the year when transformation occurs.

This time of darkness was also considered by our ancestors as a time of blessing of the new seeds which would germinate in the dark months of winter. These seeds will then bring back new life and growth when the sun returns in the spring. 

The seeds of our new ideas and future direction in life are nurtured in our unconscious in this dark time of winter and made ready for rebirth in the spring. This is part of the never ending cycle of change/dynamic balance of life. From this journey into the darkness, we can transform into a new version of ourselves.

An opportunity for inner exploration

We can use this time for inner exploration, deep meditation, connecting to our inner wisdom, learning and sorting through the information and life-lessons gathered this year, nurturing our dreams, so that we are ready for action when the spring arises.

“Traditionally during this festival bonfires known as ‘samhnagan’ were lit on hilltops. All of the community fires were put out and were then rekindled from the samhnagan” -Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred

Lighting the fire within

Gathering together around the fire is a wonderful symbol of coming together with a goal of mutual support, sharing our outer and inner fire to nurture future growth and vitality for all.

At Samhain light a candle to honour our connection to each other and to our ancestors, leaning in to the wisdom, support and guidance of those that have gone before us.

Happy Samhain everyone!