Feng shui for stability, health and balance

Re-igniting our chi and releasing stressors at the mid-point of the year

Summer Solstice

On June 21st we reach the midpoint of the year; in the Northern hemisphere this is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year representing extreme yang, expanding energy. 

After this point we begin the journey back again toward extreme yin, contracting energy, on December 21st, the shortest day.

Mother nature shows us that everything is a balance between yang growing energy and yin receding energy.

At the centre of this expansion and contraction we need to retain our own sense of grounding, centering and balance.

Going with the flow of the lunar cycle

The new moon on the 17th offers us a new beginning, spend time meditating on what you are grateful for, opening yourself up to new vital energy as we move through the waxing lunar cycle of growth. 

Take a look at the centre of your home – the Tai Chi

Also known as the health or unity area; this is strongly associated with the earth element and our core sense of stability and balance.  

To be truly healthy we must be in balance in all areas of our lives; integrating all aspects of our being, good relationships with partners, family connections, have a satisfying career, feel blessed and so on. 

The word integrate, comes from the latin root “integrare” meaning to make whole. 

We must love and accept all aspects of ourselves in order to feel whole and in balance. 

In traditional forms of architecture this area would bring together complementary aspects from outside like a small garden or atrium. 

Keep this area free from clutter and avoid placing heavy furniture here which  is difficult for energy to move around. 

Introduce the earth element and its supportive element – fire

The earth element can be introduced in the form of ceramics, terracotta, marble and crystals. Its gentle enfolding nature may be introduced with soft and receptive furnishings and decor and by introducing square shapes in architecture, design and decorative elements, the square shape represents stability and balance. A good colour to enhance this area is GOLD/ yellow.

The fire element may be introduced with actual fire, candles, bright lighting and expansive/eye-catching shapes in design and decor (triangles, and star shapes hold the exlosive, expansive outward moving nature of this element). The colours red, red-orange, purple and deep pinks may be introduced to add some heat and energy to this area of your home if you feel your energy is flagging or low.

In feng shui, the central core of our homes represents the central hub of the wheel of our lives. This is the stable centre from which balance radiates to every area of our lives. 

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