Inspire yourself with Fiery Imagery

IMAGE CREDIT:  Strawberry Anamita (

Fire Energy Imagery

Inspirational imagery can lift our mood by pulling us out of your mundane day to day thoughts and lift our energy, creating a space where we can “dream a bigger dream” for ourselves.

Fiery imagery, imagery of flowers in full bloom and unusual and eye-catching imagery works really well in the Fire Energy Area of our homes. 

Balance is the key here, the quality of the energy in the imagery will impact on our own personal energy along with any memories or associations it inspires.

Some people like to have imagery of actual fire in this area of their spaces. Be mindful of its quality – a warm cosy campfire image is much easier to live with than a raging forest fire!

In this image a beautiful strawberry Anamita mushroom is illuminated by radiant light and green foliage. In the cycle of the elements wood energy (represented here by the colour green and the growing nature of the plant life) feeds or nourishes the energy of Fire. Boosting our sense of energy and vitality.

Symbolism and associations

The symbolism in the imagery chosen is also worth consideration. Choose an image which speaks to the energy you wish to proclaim in this part of your home. We associate the Fire energy area with reputation, recognition, clarity and illumination. It is also associated with the Heart Chakra and the energy of loving kindness.

Anamita Muscaria – has a deep association with the Nordic Shamanic tradition. It is connected to the origin of the Christmas story – of flying reindeer and a man in a red cloak bearing gifts. The Nordic people used this mushroom as an energy food for reindeers and also as a psychedelic on long dark nights. It is said that when the snow was so deep as to cover the doors the Shaman delivered the gift of dried mushrooms through the chimney! It effects are said to be sedative, calming and relaxing.

This growth pattern of this mushroom forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the trees around them each nourishing the other. Often growing among Spruce, Pine and Birch Trees, some of the most ancient tree species on the planet. The mushroom is actually the fruit of the underground mycelia web. 

For me this makes this image a perfect addition to the area associated with clarity, illumination, enlightenment and recognition of the individual as part of a supportive web of life.

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