Hidden in Plain Sight – Artwork and symbolism in feng shui design

Placement of artwork and ornamentation in feng shui design

Hidden In Plain Sight; Imagery and symbolism in feng shui design

When we enter a room our unconscious self does a sweep of the space taking all of the design elements there. The layout, artwork, ornamentation, colour, patterns, textures, plants and furnishings and sets our energy accordingly.

Each element within the built space acts like a note on a scale, each working in harmony (or not) with the other “notes” and with ourselves.

Being pro-active in terms of what we place in our surroundings and where we place it allows us to “set the tone” for the atmosphere of our living and working spaces.

Five elements Yin and Yang

In feng shui we use a variety of methods to describe the energetic signature of colour, imagery, material finishes etc. Describing them in terms of yin and yang and the five elements found in nature, allows us to relate these to the natural world around us, enabling us to feel more comfortable.

More importantly feng shui design encourages us to create a balanced flow of energy to and through our spaces with their layout and orientation and also with the decorative elements and symbolism we place within them .

Christmas and the Winter Solstice

At Christmas when we festoon our spaces with bright lights and with Christmas trees and colourful decorations, we radically alter our energetic perception of our spaces. Which is why in January when the decorations come down our living and working spaces can feel a little bereft of atmosphere, and  even in some cases lifeless.

Coupled with this on the 21st December we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the return of the light. This is a great time to reflect on what is working for us and what we might like to change moving into next year.


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