Abundant Blessings with Feng Shui Design

The I CHING symbol associated with abundance is SUN “the gentle”  wind of blessings being bestowed upon us.

The vibration of the element “wind” is by its very nature etheric. The shape of the I Ching symbol SUN shows that it has strength, but it is not rooted, it has no base.

Associated in the I CHING with the familial energy of eldest daughter; this is a metaphor to remind us that it takes discipline and dedication to sow the seeds of success in order to grow and create a self-renewing crop of abundance. 

The trigram SUN is also known as “the gentle”: it is mild, like a warm breeze bringing with it all kinds of blessings. It is also associated with discipline and going with the flow of nature. 

Allowing ourselves to bend with the breeze.

Because of the association with the natural phenomena of wind, wind chimes, fans and mobiles can be used to stimulate the energy here. 

In this area of the garden, wind socks or garden ornaments that move in the breeze are useful. Another useful addition is  a bird bath or bird feeder which will bring movement and life-force to this part of your plot on a daily basis.


Encompasses the feeling that we have sufficient to our needs and more to share with others. Feeling we are held, supported and blessed in every area of our lives. This is the energy of good fortune. We can focus on in this area of feng shui for both our living and working spaces.

This energy has a strong polarity with the energy of “helpful friends” and reciprocation, sharing and philanthropy. What we give out comes back to us.

The element associated with this area of the bagua for our homes (https://fengshuidesign.ie/feng-shui-design-applying-the-bagua-to-your-floorplan/) is WOOD or more accurately, TREE energy.

This is the energy of upward and outward growth and vitality.

The Colour GREEN

The colour associated with this element is GREEN which symbolises lush growth and vitality. 

Design elements and decor with a strong vertical emphasis (think of the growth pattern of tall trees) bring in the vital essence of this element. 

Interestingly in studies on our human response to colour, it has been found that “those of us who favour the colour green tend to be more community oriented, reaching out and connecting with others in clubs and associations, preferring to live in “the great forest of humanity”, whereas those of us who show a dislike for green tend to resist connection and lead a more isolated or sometimes anxious existence.” 

Green imbues a space with a gentle and harmonious, peaceful energy; what can be more peaceful than a walk through a lush, green forest?

Bringing in flowers (cultivated and wild) and foliage from the garden or from wild spaces around us, is a great way to remind ourselves that we are constantly surrounded by abundance in nature, we just have to remind ourselves be present and notice it.


Artwork in this area of our homes will ideally feel abundant and represent blessings to us. Artwork is subjective, therefore take some time to really analyse your gut-reaction to the artwork you have in this area of your home or workplace. How does it make you feel? Does it feel lush, abundant, vital and fresh? If not, maybe its time to rearrange or replace some of your decorative elements. 


To read more about encouraging the energy of abundance in your home and workspace read my book A Place to Call Home; your feng shui design guidebook to design for connection and belonging