Symbolising abundance in our lives with feng shui design

Feng shui design & symbolising abundance

When applying feng shui to our homes and workspaces, we hope that through balancing the energy of our spaces we can invite more abundance into every area of our lives. 

Before we apply feng shui to our built spaces we first need to focus our attention on our intention for what it is we are inviting in to our lives. 

But what is abundance?

Deciding what abundance is for us personally is the first and ONLY step here. There is surely no point at all in charging off on our steed of choice before we have decided where we are headed and before we have a clear picture of how we will recognise it once we get “there”. 

Getting really clear on what abundance looks like to us and more importantly what it will feel like to have achieved it is key. If we take the time to do this, we will then recognise it and be able to relax and enjoy it when “it” arrives. 

Gift yourself the time to do up a vision board symbolising what abundance is for you. Envisioning what you want to invite in for the year ahead – “Spell” it out.

The power of symbolism

When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and steps into it” 

Meister Eckhart

Symbolism predates the written word. Our unconscious mind is constantly scanning our surroundings reading the symbols in the artwork and ornamentation, assigning meaning to them. This then informs part of our overall experience of being in that environment. 

Being proactive in this process is key

Once we get clear on what we wish to have more of, an excellent way to invite that into our lives is to symbolise it physically. This can take the form of a physical symbol or ornament, a vision board or some artwork.  This “symbol” will ideally encapsulate the essence or feeling we are seeking to invite in to our lives. 

Take some time to consciously take in the artwork, ornamentation and symbolism in the area of your home associated with abundance and blessings. (If you are unsure how to locate this, read up on the placement of the feng shui bagua onto your floorplan)

Really engage with the symbolism here. How does it make you feel? What memory or story does it bring up in you? Is it in alignment with what you would like to have more of in your life?

If not, maybe its time to make a change. Clear out anything which does not sit well with whatever you want to draw in for your future. Replace this with something which has a greater symbolic connection to the energy of abundance for you. 

Learn more

To learn more about each area of the bagua and how to support the energy of every area of your life with feng shui design read my Hay House Award winning book “A Place to Call Home – your guidebook to feng shui design, connection and belonging”  

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