Heaven: Helpful Friends and Support

One of our most basic human needs is to feel supported by and connected to

our “tribe”

Autumn has arrived and with it the time of harvest and gathering. This is a good time to gather ’round and focus our energy inward. This month we are focusing on our need for support and connection. Feng shui design addresses all of our basic human needs which we require to not only survive but to thrive in all areas of our lives.

We all need to feel that we have a support system around us so that when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or in need of help, we can depend on those around us to have our backs.

We also have a reciprocal need to be “needed” to be there for “our tribe” holding them up in times of need. This allows us to feel useful and know that we are a valued member of our group.

These people are our “front row” – the ones for whom we would drop everything and be there when they call and who we know would be there in a heartbeat for us.

This is a primal need and was very necessary at a time in our evolution when it was very necessery to have “safety in numbers” to defend ourselves from predators and rivals. But this deep seated need is still there in us, inherent to our humanity.

Going deeper

In feng shui we associate this energy with the I CHING trigram Ch’ien – HEAVEN, representing the creative life force which brings everything into being. This gives us an indication of how vital this energy is in our lives. In the I CHING this energy is associated with the divine, with sources of inspiration, with charity, perseverance, power, dignity, vitality, truth-seeking, the higher-self and acting in accord with the wishes of “the tribe”. All of which are pretty important and relevant in todays world!

Enhancing the area of our homes which has an energetic connection to this energy will enhance our sense of being connected and supported in our lives.

The flow of the five elements – enhancing this energy in your home and workspace

In feng shui design we create a flow of the 5 elements found in nature, in our interior living and working spaces. This allows for dynamic balance (moving, flowing, evolving balance) in each area of our lives. The element associated with this area of the bagua is Metal.  The metal element has a gathering, condensing and contracting nature, drawing energy inwards; hence its association with harvesting crops and people gathering together in thanks-giving. The shape associated with this element is round, spherical, oval – think of “gathering ’round”, “ring-fencing” associated with coming together and combining our resources, helping and supporting one another.

At the end of October we celebrate SAMHAIN the Celtic festival which marks the beginning and he end of the year. This is a great time to do a clean sweep and clear out what is no longer required as we prepard for winter. Make a point of gathering with your tribe at this time, family, mentors, your circle of friends to celebrate your achievements this year and to offer support to each other in this part of your journey.

You can enhance this area of your living and working spaces with round or spherical shapes in design and decor (arches, domes, round mirrors, round tables etc. with the colours associated with this element (white, silver and metallics) and with the addition of crystals such as Hematite or Topaz.

Learn more about this and other aspects of feng shui

In chapter 8 of my book “A Place to call home” I offer guidance on ways to utilise colour, imagery, ornamentation and decorative accessories to revitalise this energy in your home and in your life.

My aim in writing this book was to create a bridge between modern interior design and the ancient wisdom of feng shui. It offers practical and easy to follow guidance on how to apply this information  to your own home, supporting your own lifestyle with your own unique creative expression.

The result for you is the creation of  a home and work environment which fosters balance, reduces stress and offers the opportunity to invite in better Health, Wealth and Happiness in your relationships, joy and opportunities for future growth and clarity and inspiration to light the way forward.


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