2024 Welcoming the year of the wood dragon

2024 the year of the wood dragon in feng shui design

2024 Wecloming the year of the wood Dragon

In feng shui we use metaphorical language to describe the essence of different energies. This is a more tangible way to describe the overall energy in any given year or the energy of a landscape or built space. The idea of the energetic world can be somewhat difficult to describe. Using this metaphorical language, we can make it more understandable and accessible.

We all acknlowledge that the flow of energy in the natural world is cyclical. For example the cycle from dawn to dusk, the lunar cycle and the of the seasons. There is also a 60 year cycle of energies which has been observed over the millenia. This is a noting of cyclical and somewhat predictable changes over time impacting people and the earth. This cyclical yearly change is described in feng shui using 12 animals and 5 elements which combine to create a cycle of 60 years.

2024 is a WOOD DRAGON year which has its own individual energetic signature. The last time we encountered this energy was 1964. We can go back in history and note what happened every time we encountered a wood dragon year. This would give us an indication of what we might expect. However, there is always the mitigating component of context. We are in a different time, having experienced the last 60 years globally. However, the underlying energy of possibilities is still open to us.

Dragon energy

Dragon years offer the opportunity for a come-back after the recuperative year of the rabbit in 2023. We get to throw caution to the wind, roll up our sleeves and take on all sorts of new projects.

This energy invites us to think big and be brave and bold, open to all possibilities. This is a  good year to embrace new beginnings. However, the best advice is to take some time- look twice before you leap and try not to bite off more than you can chew! Take your time to consider and be open to all options, then ground and stabilise your energy before you jump in!

While the Dragon year energy showers us with blessings; successes as well as failures can be magnified as the energy this year comes in massive waves. Wood energy is very fast paced, like the full force of spring, it bursts into action, branching off in all directions. Take care not to spread your resources too thinly.

The I Ching

In the I Ching the energy of this year is associated with the natural element of THUNDER

Thunder may be described as:

  • agitating
  • awakening
  • elevating
  •  exciting
  • stimulating

It represents the beginnings of movement of energy.

Thunder precedes the storm and can be:

  • shocking
  • surprising
  • noisy
  • liberating
  • dispelling the heaviness that often precedes a thunderstorm.

Thunder is our wake up call creating the spark for new life to begin.

The wood element

The wood element represents the energy of FREEDOM. It  allows us to:

  • create our own mini revolution,
  • break or bend the rules
  •  be more flexible.

The energy of wood invites us to break free of any sense of “stuck-ness” or restriction.

2024 invites us to find ways of letting go of the tension built up over the last four challenging years.

Lightening the load externally and internally so that we can be as fresh in our energy as possible for the coming year.

This allows us to be available and open to all of the new opportunities which will present themselves. 


Looking back over the past four years, ask yourself:

What did I recognise as truly valuable in my life? What do I want to have more of going forward?


Out of the entire 60 year cycle of 12 animals and 5 elements The wood dragon years offer the best opportunities to manifest. 

  • Take the time this year to plant 🌱the seeds for your dreams.
  • The “plant” may not fully mature this year but go ahead and plant the seed.
  • Nurture the germination of your dream & allow it to grow and develop. 
  • BE CLEAR on what you want
  • Be open to and explore all of the possibilities opening up to you.
  • Find your tribe
  • Spend time regularly in a supportive community, among people who understand who you are and who are ready to cheer you on on your journey. 
  • Most importantly: Ground your energy this year

Ground your energy by

  • spending time in nature, walking barefoot on the earth.
  • Stabilise your energy and set out your boundaries.
  • This lays down a solid foundation for your energy to grow and flourish supporting rooted growth.


Learn More

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We use 9 star ki as a “navigational tool” as our lives change and progress throughout our lives. cycle of energy allows us the opportunity to go with the flow rather than swimming against the tide. Each year over a cycle of 9 years our energy changes and progresses, tapping into this Where Feng Shui deals primarily with space, 9 star ki deals with time.

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