Instilling a sense of both Freedom and Belonging with feng shui design

Freedom and Connection Vs Restriction and separation

The central part of our homes the Tai Chi is associated with balance and our solar plexus. This energy in our homes and in our bodies allows us to move away from dependency, powerlessness, obedience and constriction and into the creation of our own freedom to choose our own path and to direct our own future. A balanced solar plexus seeks to have power with as opposed to power over others.

By tending our inner flame we can light up our own way forward, moving our energy to awaken our strengths and remember the gifts we came here with. By turning on our “internal sun” we allow ourselves to shine bright and lean into the role we came to earth to play. 


By grounding our energy into the earth we come into a balanced centre. This balance allows us to feel a deep sense of belonging and of knowing our place in this world. 

A simple way to ground our energy is to take off our shoes and walk barefoot on the earth. Wearing shoes and walking on concrete, disconnects us from the balancing and harmonising energy of mother earth. 

When we balance and centre our energy we can release any feelings of restiction or overwhelm. This allows us to individuate, to dare to be fully ourselves. This is our path toward truly claiming our power. The lesson here is not to succumb to the “busy being busy” role where we feel we need to always be “doing” something. 

Rest – Do nothing – connect

The challenge here is to first create space – to rest and be still for long enough for our “mud to settle” and for our “water to become clear”. It is essential to rest in order to recharge and connect to our deeper sources of energy. 

When we balance this central core of our space and our solar plexus chakra (the central core of our being) we activate clarity, willpower, energy and vitality which in turn distributes energy to every area of our space and into all areas of our body impacting our sense of balance, vitality and strength. 

This central core of our being also governs our boundaries and our sense of determination, connectedness and belonging. When we bring our centre into balance we can enjoy healthy vitality, and an enthusiasm for life.