Fragrant Chi for Support and Connection

Fragrant chi; essential oil blend for support and connection in feng shui design

Essential oils have a vibrational energy, each one resonating in a different tone. Like music each note can be “played” alone or used in combination to create a “chord” or blended harmonic which is even more effective. Scent impacts on our mind-body and our experience of a space more quickly than any of our other senses.

Given that our sense of smell is our most fundamental and primal experience of the world, we are hardwired to tune in to the scent of a space and read a multitude of things from that, in an instant, setting our physical energy and our mood accordingly. Scent is deeply personal so it is important to find essential oils that resonate with positive memories for you.

Intentional use of pure, natural organic essential oils to “strike just the right chord”, infuses our homes and workspaces with a harmonic energy which brings us a sense of support and connection.

Try it and see: Gently diffuse this blend in a cold air diffuser for 20mts at a time:

  • 3 drops Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) – Distilled from the flowers it has a fresh, light and sweet floral scent. It is clearing and balancing, associated with loving connection, consolation and spiritual support – It has been described as an aromatic rescue remedy.
  • 3 drops Geranium (pelargonium x asperum) – Distilled from the leaves, it has a fresh, rosy and herbaceous scent with a slight minty note. It is uplifting, releases anxiety and instils a sense of balanced support and security.
  • 1 drop Tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) – Distilled from the leaves it has a medicinal and slightly spicy scent. It is healing and uplifting for the spirit, builds confidence and releases the illusion of separation from others. 


NB: Take care with the use of essential oils around young babies and small animals. Diffuse at a distance and stop if you experience any physical discomfort. If animals are present in the room ensure that they have access to leave the area if they wish to. Set the diffuser on a timer to diffuse for 20mts at a time and if using at night-time turn off before going to sleep.