Focusing on our Feng Shui Journey at the Winter Solstice

Feng Shui Journey begins again at the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Blessings – our journey toward the light begins again

As we come to the shortest day of the year on the 21st of December we celebrate the return of the light. Every day from now until the 21st of June the days will slowly but surely become longer and we use this opportunity to focus on our life-path, on how things are flowing for us in every area of our life. 

This is our opportunity to enhance our focus and forward momentum, releasing blockages so that we can flow forward into the year ahead.

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Kan Associated with the element water and forward momentum, always in motion like a river. Our journey through life is associated with our vitality, adaptability, flexibility, courage and our sense of adventure. It represents that deep and primal state which precedes all growth. 

The water in a river is constantly changing, evolving and moving forward, which mirrors the constant evolution of our lives.

Blessing with water. 

In our homes in Ireland, traditionally there would always have been a small holy water font at the front door reminding us to bless ourselves coming and going each day. 

Water has always been used to bless and initiate journeys or rites of passage. Keeping a bowl of fresh water on our home altar acts as a symbol of this same purity and nourishment which we all require on a daily basis, deepening our sense of spiritual belonging and connection to our home, our outer skin. 

At the winter Solstice create a small water ceremony to bless your home and welcome in the new energy with the return of the light, releasing what no longer serves and welcoming in  new blessings for 2023. 

Diffuser Blend to cleanse and uplift our energy at the winter solstice:

 Diffuse these essential oils to release any energetic blockages and invite in positive new chi as we begin our journey toward the new year.

2 drops Melissa (melissa officinalis): A leaf oil/middle note it is fresh and citrusy, melissa is excellent to “unstop blockages”, and calm agitated emotions and restlessness. Leaf oils are uplifting and energising instilling positivity and dispersing negative energy. It is very diffusive – a small amount goes a long way.

4 drops Black pepper (piper nigrum): A fruit oil/middle note it is warm and spicy, black pepper energetically helps to remove obstacles and stimulate us into action, it reduces fear and motivates change, helping to release blocked energy. Fruit oils are cleansing and allow us to release whatever no longer serves us. Bursting with positive energy they leave us feeling inspired and refreshed.  

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