Colour, crystals and essential oils to enhance our sense of being part of a community or tribe

Colour, crystals, clutter clearing and essential oils to enhance our sense of connection to “our tribe”

Continuing our discussion on the importance of family, connection and community to support rooted growth in our lives.

In classical compass school feng shui this represents the area of the bagua in the East sector of the home or property, in Western approach it represents the middle left hand sector as you stand at the front door looking in.

See previous two blog posts for further information. 

Green Dragon energy

The colour associated with the energy of family, ancestors and our connection to our community is green, due to its connection to the wood or tree element. The plant most often recommended to add to this area is bamboo as it grows quickly and easily, bends with the breeze and is very strong and supple, able to withstand all weathers.

In the East, this area is associated with the green dragon, rising out of the depths, reaching toward the sky. The Dragon has the essence of a young puppy, full of life, and youthful exuberance.

The colour green, in particular light greens, lime, and sage green are a very useful addition to this area of our living and working spaces. Green is the colour of balance, nature, growth and fertility. Green induces feelings of balance, harmony, renewal, freshness and new beginnings. It is said to open the heart to love and stabilise the nervous system and our emotions. In healing modalities, green is said to balance the mind/body and to help regenerate cells, being excellent to balance for exhaustion and stress. In “color and the human response” Birren concluded that “those who favour green almost invariably are socially well adjusted, civilised and conventional… they are persons who belong to clubs and civic activities” 

Another way of saying we enjoy being part of a tribe!

A heart centered space

In the “ultimate anti-career guide” Rick Jarrow discusses the heart chakra (associated with the colour green) as having a connection to the energy of sharing Vs struggle, inclusion Vs exclusion, the space where we begin to align our individual focus with our sense of community. Making a contribution to our community/family/tribe so that everyone benefits. The energy of family is truly a heart centred space. 

Clearing clutter; making space to invite in the new

Clutter in this area of your space will keep you stuck in the past unable to move forward or begin anything new.

Take some time to spring clean this area of your home, clear out anything which you no longer “find to be beautiful or know to be useful”. Refresh and renew the energy with some space clearing and some essential oils like eucalyptus and open the the windows and allow your space to exhale stagnation and inhale new life and vitality!

This area of the home has a strong polarity with the energy of creativity (the future) in that, any stuck energy from your past will prevent you from creating a new future and conversely any new future projects will have their growth and potential firmly rooted in your past. 

The power of essential oils to change atmospheres

Essential oils/natural scents which are of particular benefit to diffuse in this area of the home are:-

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) which it is said “brings us a degree of expansion and considerable peace…. brings us back to sound values, is lively and original” …“very useful for recentering a scattered person”…and “helps us to reveal the best of ourselves” … “disperses negative feelings and gives us room to breathe” changes an atmosphere of “suffocation into one of expansive renewal. Philippe Milhebiau, portraits in oils. 

Eucalyptus connects us to sound values while allowing us to expand, breathe deeply and be at peace, It is associated with optimism, openness and freedom, encourages a positive outlook and “dispels half conscious and stagnated feelings which keep us bound to a limiting environment” according to Gabriel Mojay in Aromatherapy for healing the spirit. It is said to cleanse, purify, boost the immune system, and therefore creates strong roots. 

Siberian Fir (abies sibirica)  which is both fortifying and invigorating, disperses melancholy, strengthens personal boundaries and encourages self acceptance. It is said to cleanse negativity from a space, promote strong self-image and identity and is emotionally revitalising. 

Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica) which is grounding, bolsters the transforming power of the will, helping us to transform a negative situation into an experience from which we derive strength and wisdom. (Gabriel Mojay)

Cistus Labdanum (rock rose) Offers shelter and comfort after sudden, distressing occasions. The complex aroma seems to wrap around you—a sweet, earthy, warm scent with fresh herbal notes. It seems to know what’s needed in any uncomfortable situation and is helpful for bringing closure to both new and old emotional wounds. (aromatics international)

Crystals which may be of benefit to include here are:-

Jade which is said to assist with past life recall and ancient wisdom. It is also said to harmonise difficult relationships. Judy Hall (in the crystal bible) associates it with healing for the kidneys. Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, the kidneys are often described as the hands of the ancestors driving us forward, positioned as they are, in our mid back area. 

Green Aventurine/green quartz

A very balancing crystal, used by the native Americans to contact their spirit guides. It is said to balance and heal the heart chakra (chakra crystals by Kate Tomas) It is said to be cleansing and stabilising for the immune system and to absorb electromagnetic smog, thus protecting against environmental pollution. A great comforter, it has the ability to offer healing for the heart and emotionally calming (Judy Hall, the crystal bible).

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