Introducing Fire energy with colour

Orange Joyful and energetic

In feng shui we often use colour to bring in the energy of the 5 elements.

Fire is bright, hot and explosive. 

Therefore, design elements which have this flashy, attention-grabbing, fiery and eye-catching nature are said to have its essence.

Fire energy may be represented with Red, red-orange and red-purple.

Red is a yang (activating)colour, is associated with our Base chakra and signifies success and virtue,.

Being in a red space increases heart rate and body temp.  

  • Associations – painting the town red / seeing red, Heat, fire, passion, energy, drive
  • It represents  Life energy –the power to create. 
  • Red commands attention – traffic lights
  • invokes alertness , courage, confidence
  • Cultural associations:- valentines day, Christmas, in China it is a symbol of power and luck – bridal colour.

Many activating feng shui decorative additions are red in colour — they are immediately apparent and therefore very effective. They draw the eye and so attention and energy to them. 

Orange evokes feelings of joy and energy. 

We often use orange as a less fiery option than red. When working with colour energy in creating stimulating and uplifting spaces, orange can provide an incandescence which promotes a lightness of heart and a sense of fun and optimism.It is linked to health and vitality and associated with self discovery, enhances creativity and a sense of well being. 

Opens one to new ideas and perspectives. It is said to aid digestion and assimilation. Some cultures use it for meditation

Violet or purple has an association with royalty, majesty and power. 

It is said to inspire feelings of kindness and a sense of justice and idealism. Violet works on our feelings of self-worth, dignity and self-respect, and is said to be useful when we feel insecure or have an inferiority complex

Associated with the Crown Chakra, the Divine, connection to spirit and mental strength. It inspires feelings of kindness and a sense of justice,  and idealism. 

It helps dissolve negativity  and is great for creative visualisation.

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  • Yin and Yang Colour
  • Our emotional response to colour
  • Colour and Health
  • The effects of natural materials on how we experience colour
  • Colour and visual weight
  • Colour and the Chakras
  • The 7 colour spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
  • Colour in Interior design
  • Colour and light
  • Summary of individual colours as they impact on interior design.

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