Happy New Year – celebrating the lunar new year as the year of the yin water rabbit begins January 22nd 2023

On January 22nd we mark the Lunar new year letting go of the water tiger energy of 2022 and ushering in the water rabbit energy of 2023
2022 the year of the water Tiger was characterised by strength, vitality and growth underpinned by the dynamic fierce energy of the Tiger which felt somewhat restless and inflexible in its energy.
The energy of 2023 the year of the water Rabbit in contrast is softer around the edges, peaceful, patient and mild in nature
Key words and phrases for this year include:
The ability to react and turn on a pin when necessary
Good luck
Trust in your inner wisdom this year and take things one step at a time. With a little bit of the rabbits gentle determination and the flowing nature of the water element we can accomplish great things in 2023. In general the year of the rabbit is very positive, full of opportunities and good luck.
Wishing you every blessing for 2023 the year of the yin water rabbit.
To learn more about your own individual energy signature and what this year holds for you personally, join us for our workshop “Feng Shui for the year ahead” on 4th February