Feng Shui Preparations for 2023

feng shui design for 2023

This week we celebrate Brighids day and the solar new year

While the lunar new year began on January 22nd 2023, the solar new year begins on February 4th.

Each year over a cycle of 9 years the energy shifts and the dynamic for the overall year shifts with it.

On Saturday 4th February we will run our annual Feng Shui for the Year Ahead online class which runs from 10am to 1pm. (Can’t make that time and day? No problem! this class will be recorded and available for you to view for the following 14 days)

Discover your own personal energy signature and how best to support yourself in your home in the year ahead.

9 Star ki is your astrological companion to feng shui design

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Your own personal energy signature; the elements that make up your emotional centre, your character and your outer expression. The way in which your energy differs from, or integrates with, your partner, family or work colleagues. 
  • How your energy changes and evolves each year over a cycle of 9 years and how best to go with the flow of this movement. 
  • What potential energy does 2023 hold for you? How can you tap into this energy? Read more here

On February 1st we celebrate Imbolc one of the quarter points of the year and Brighids Day. This is the day when we welcome in all of the new growth for the year ahead. Its time to clear out the last vestiges of 2022 to make space for the blessings of 2023

New year preparations:

  1. Clean your home  – give it a good spring clean especially windows, doors and mirrors, change your bedding

Use a couple of drops of orange essential oil in the cleaning water to uplift the atmosphere and boost your immune system, drawing in the energy of abundance. 

2. Cleanse your home with some space clearing incense to release any “stuck or heavy” energy from the past 12 months

3. Clear out any clutter including clothes you are ready to let go of and digital clutter on your computer & phone 

4. Finish up any lingering jobs or business you have been “meaning to get around to”

5. Clear your mental clutter by engaging in daily meditation.

6. Cleanse your body with an epsom salts bath or a body scrub made with cleansing and uplifting essential oils

7 Cleanse your aura with some sage or incense

8 Revitalise your appearance with a new hairdo, change up and reorganise your wardrobe. Buy something new to wear for the new year even a new pair of red socks!

9.Revisit feng shui for each area of your home – looking at each area with fresh eyes. 

Learn more about feng shui for your home in my book A Place to Call Home