Introducing yellow, the colour of sunshine for balance and good health

Health and Balance – Tai Chi – centre of our homes

The colours we associate with the centre of our space and the energy of health, balance and unity is YELLOW. After white, yellow as the greatest ability to reflect light into a space, bringing with it the warmth of the sun itself. Imagery of sunflowers for example, with their spiralling centres mirroring the spiral of our universe and our DNA would instil a sense of balance and sunny warmth here.

Where more stability is required, earthy ochres, tans and browns can be introduced.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine and has a powerfully positive effect on our mood. It conjures up cheerful images of sunny days. It is often used in colour therapy as a tonic. It is said to have a healing effect on our brain and nervous system. Interestingly amber was used by some ancient cultures as an antidote to insanity. In feng shui yellow is the colour of unity and of our connection to everything in the universe.

Yellow can appear almost luminescent and after white it reflects the most light, being the lightest of all the seven colours in the spectrum. Yellow will often appear brighter than white and is very useful in interior design for use in areas where lighting is poor or in large vaulted spaces in order to make them feel brighter and more welcoming.

Colour, light and energy

It has been described in colour psychology as appearing almost more like light than substance.

It has been described as having a favourable effect on our metabolism and is said to speed up our digestion and stimulate our appetite. Perhaps this is why it is often used in “fast food” restaurants  in conjunction with red which makes us move faster. The combination encouraging us to eat more and move along!

In colour therapy yellow is said to activate the motor nerves, generating energy in the muscles and is also said to be good to reduce depression. The theme with the use of yellow in colour therapy is detachment. When we find it difficult to let go from negative thoughts or from ideas or from other peoples actions, it is said that yellow can help us to let go of these unhelpful patterns.

Yellow is neither warm nor cool but can be pulled in either direction when paired with other colours. Be careful not to oversaturate a space with yellow; as an accent colour it can catch the eye, but when used to excess it is said that it does not allow the mind to relax.

Bright yellow in a piece of artwork or fabric for example, is more liveable-with than a whole room painted yellow.

Citrine crystal of manifestation and liberation

Associated with the solar plexus – the chakra of manifestation, individuation and liberation from conformity. Citrine has a resonance with “happiness, light and success. it is a feel-good crystal, a vibrant energiser and powerful cleaner and regenerator” The crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Citrine is one of the crystals that doesn’t need cleansing, it absorbs negative energy and transmutes it while dispersing and grounding it.

It is an energising crystal which is protective and is said to cleanse and realign our chakras.

Citrine not only attracts abundance it also encourages sharing what we have while still holding on to our wealth. It imbues a space with joy and dissipates any heavy energy left behind after arguments or disagreements.

It allows us to go with the flow of life optimistically letting go of the past with ease. It allows us to rebalance when we encounter “stormy seas” and to fearlessly set sail with ease to more calm and positive waters.

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