Seasonal Feng shui design: Spring – the energy of 3-wood

Seasonal feng shui design, connecting to the ancestors for grounded support

Welcoming the energy of Spring with feng shui design

We associate the essence of springtime with wood/tree energy: Full of dynamic growth and vitality.

2024 is a 3 wood energy year in 9 star Ki

The overall essence of this energy is that of FREEDOM which allows us to create our own mini revolution, breaking or bending the rules; allowing ourselves to be more flexible.

Breaking free of any sense of “stuck-ness” or restriction. This is the best time of year to let go of whatever has been holding us back and spring forward into the possibilities that this year holds for us.

In feng shui we associate green with wood/tree energy.

The nature of the wood element can be introduced with spring green tones in decor, with woodland imagery and with tall, leafy green plants with a vertical growth emphasis.

Green has a balsamic and balancing impact on our psyche. Right in the middle of the colour spectrum, it is said to provide balance between the stimulating colours of red, orange and yellow and the calming colours of blue, indigo and violet. Green is the colour of nature, growth, youth and fertility.

We Thrive best in community.

For thousands of years people lived in community. It is only in recent times that we have shut ourselves off from this very necessary connection, striving to do it all on our own.

In studies on our human response to colour, it has been found that those of us who favour the colour green:

  • Tend to be more community oriented
  • Enjoy reaching out and connecting with others in clubs and associations,
  • Prefer to live in “the great forest of humanity”

Whereas those of us who show a dislike for green:

  • Tend to resist connection and
  • Lead a more isolated or anxious existence.

Indigenous people knew that in order to be in balance we need to feel a sense of connection. Connection to a family/tribe/clann and to the natural world. We also need to have a sense of connection to a sense of rhythm. We can achieve this through daily dance, drumming, song or walking in nature.

Grounding our energy, deepening our sense of connection to place.

Do some grounding work or earth energy work deeply connecting to your roots.

In so doing we are laying a solid foundation to our future growth and vitality.

A tree can only grow in direct proportion to its ability to deepen and spread out its roots.

In a wood energy year we can feel quite triggered by injustice and inequality – think of “teenager” energy wanting to break free of the constraints of the establishment.

Work out what feels it like to have a good life for you. This is a great time of year to set out your boundaries, stabilising/rooting your energy into this place at this time to support the manifestation of your dreams.

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