Fragrant chi for encouragment and nurturing support

 “A warm hug” – sweet and comforting diffuser blend: 

5 drops Carrot seed oil (Daucus Carota): 

Carrot seed essential oil’s rich, warm, earthy and herbaceous aroma is regulating, relaxing, nurturing and comforting energetically. Its scent reassures us in times of over-thinking or worry. It is distilled from the seeds which are often associated with nourishment, reproduction and the potential for new growth. Just think of the size of a seed and all of the potential for growth it contains. Seed oils are considered nourishing for the earth element within us, allowing us to feel more grounded, strong and courageous. This in turn supports our ability to express ourselves creatively. 

3 drops Ginger oil (zingiber officinalis) :

Ginger essential oils spicy and “rooty”/woody fragrance is invigorating, motivating and uplifting. It is said to activate the mind and awaken the senses. It warms and encourages us and is said to lift us out of “sad syndrome” which can afflict many in the depths of winter. Its sweet pungent scent moves “stuck energy” lifting us out of lethargy, motivating us into action. 

2 drops Clove bud (Syzygium aromaticatum) :

Clove buds spicy, rich, warm aroma offers emotional support when we feel low in energy. It lifts us  up, supporting our self confidence and is said to warm both mind and body. Although the clove bud is technically a “flower” it has a lot in common with the seed oils in terms of encouraging us toward new growth. It leaves a lingering warm aroma and is said to purify the air and support our immune system encouraging vibrant good health.


Gently diffuse in a cold air diffuser.

Always ensure that small animals can leave the area if the aroma is too much for them. Take special care around young babies and those with challenged health. Diffuse at a good distance (place diffuser on a high shelf to allow the oils to disperse into the room more widely) to avoid any discomfort.

Ventilate the space well and diffuse for 20mts at a time to ensure the fragrant chi in this blend feels uplifting to your body, mind and spirit.

Scent is deeply personal so it is important to find essential oils that resonate with positive memories for you. If this blend feels in any way uncomfortable physically to you, then discontinue at once.

Listen to your body, instinctively it will know what feels right for you, right now.