Dynamic Balance: Feng shui for health and well-being

dynamic balance with feng shui design

Feng shui design: It’s all about balance 

In feng shui we focus on the central core of our homes when considering being in balance. In order to feel fully healthy we must feel balanced in all areas of our lives.

Often we focus on our life-path and career and on generating abundance with feng shui. However, there is little point in having a successful career and a wealth of abundance if we don’t have sufficient time and space to enjoy them.

The central area of our work and home space (the Tai Chi)is the area we focus on for balance and stability, for unity between all of the various facets of our lives as we work, rest and play.

Tai Chi

The central core of our spaces is where we remind ourselves to slow down so that we can enjoy what we have gathered in our lives. This is the area where we introduce the earth element to steady our energy and come into greater balance. This is the calm centre at the core on the moving wheel of our life. It is symbolised by the yin yang symbol reflecting dynamic balance.

To feel truly healthy we must be in balance in all areas of our lives integrating all aspects of our being; good relationships with partners, good family connections and/or a sense of belonging, have a satisfying career, feel blessed and so on.

In traditional forms of architecture this would have been an open space or courtyard at the centre of the building. In our modern homes and workspaces it is important to introduce some natural elements here if at all possible; some crystals, wild flowers, or imagery of nature bringing the outside in.

Adding colour, lighting and decor which we find uplifting, open and “airy” in nature is most helpful.

Clearing Clutter

The central core of our space is crucial to radiate light and balance into every part of our home and workspace. Keeping this space free from clutter will set us free to enjoy a corresponding lightness of spirit opening us up to greater space for more joy in our lives. By clearing clutter from this space we have the opportunity to create greater focus on what we love and eliminate the confusion caused by feeling “hemmed in”.

Clear this space regularly so that it feels like the open palm of a hand, ready to give and recieve. Ideally the colours, artwork and decorative elements you place in this part of your home will feel bright, fresh and open this allows for new possibilities to emerge. A space where we can “breathe in” new life and a sense of well-being.

The earth element

Square shapes represent the stability and grounding nature of this element. We can experience a sense of comfort and calm in the settled nature of this element. Stone, marble, granite and crystals can be introduced to add their timeless stability and connection to mother earth and the past.  When we are describing something as being permanent we often refer to it as being “set in stone”.

Depending on the space, we can introduce soft textures into the decor here to symbolise the nurturing and enfolding nature of this element.

When this energy is out of balance in our lives we can feel “stuck in the mud” immobilised, lethargic or heavy in our energy.

Earth energy does allow for change, but at a slow and steady pace. If we are feeling “all at sea” or a “bit all over the place” the earth element which will offer us a greater sense of grounding; tethering us into a greater sense of place and belonging. Stone materials or sculptures can be used to anchor the energy here.


The colours we associate with this particular area of the bagua are YELLOW, ochres and earth tones. After white, yellow as the greatest ability to reflect light into a space, bringing with it the warmth of the sun itself. Imagery of sunflowers for example, with their spiralling centres mirroring the spiral of our universe and our DNA would instil a sense of balance and sunny warmth here.

Where more stability is required, earthy ochres, tans and browns can be introduced.

Work-life balance

This central core of our living and working spaces should have nothing at all to do with “work” but rather reflect why we work: so that we can play and enjoy living our life!

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