Coming into balance with feng shui design

Our June FREE spotlight webinar focused on ways to feel more centred and balanced in all areas of our lives with feng shui design

You can watch the replay here.

During the webinar I invited you to take a moment to examine how balanced or well rounded you feel in each of the 9 life areas. I have included a pdf here for you to print off so that you can do a quick visual representation of where you are at right now for yourself.

Feng Shui Design personal balance chart how well rounded does your life feel?

Earthing book

I mentioned a book on Earthing during the webinar, which some of the participants asked me to share details on – you can buy this at all good bookstores online

Also in the class I mentioned my Balance diffuser blend which can be purchased here. 

You can learn more about coming into balance with feng shui design in my Hay House Award winning book “A Place to call home”

and by joining us on our 2 day foundation level training online in October.