3 Wood / Thunder & the importance of honouring our ancestors

3 Wood Feng Shui Design; Family Ancestors and the Past

The origins of feng shui have their root in the siting of the YIN Zhai or houses of the dead. Among ancient peoples there was a “knowing” that there is no separation between the generations. Our ancestors live on in us, through our DNA. In the past there was great importance given to honouring the ancestors by locating their burial sites with great care. There was an acknowledgement that in so doing they were supporting their own future development.

This energy is associated with the element WOOD. Representing rooted growth, the family tree, the roots and branches of our families. This area has an association with the I Ching symbol for THUNDER. The clap of thunder that breaks through the heaviness, before the storm, clearing the air. Thus making space for change to occur.

The I ching symbol associated with this energy is Chen/Zhen – thunder.

Associated with action, motivation, enthusiasm, our first teachers in life and our parental influence. The nature of Chen is agitation, sudden impulses, renewal, noisiness, liberation and revolution. This energy is also known as “the awakening”. It is associated with birth, growth and development.

The thunder aspect of Chen is related to our teachers who influence and guide us. Groups are essential for our progression through life. We cannot do it alone. Social interaction is important. 

Thunder is a wake up call reminding us that we are the spark – the energetic manifestation of life!

The importance of honouring our ancestors

A common thread between all indigenous cultures is the practise of honouring and connecting to the ancestors.

They recognised that we carry our ancestors inside us in our DNA. In honouring and blessing those that have gone before us, we honour and bless ourselves. 

There is no separation. This spirit energy travels through the generations slipping from one body to the next, learning, growing and evolving as it does so. 

We are a culmination of all of the experiences of our ancestors. All of the knowledge they gathered, their traumas and triumphs is contained within our being. We reap the benefit of this cumulative experience.

Healing the past in order to move forward into our future

We are not imprisoned or victims of our past or the past traumas of previous generations. In his study of Epigenetics, Bruce Lipton explains that genetics are simply the blueprint, not the actual house. 

At any time we can be the architects and change the design of the house. We can do this by making different choices and choosing new ways of responding to experiences. We can adapt from the programming we have inherited.

We can create a ceremony to heal whatever needs to be healed in our ancestral line. In doing this healing work for ourselves we can heal the collective ancestral unconscious. 

Like a viral story sweeping through the internet shifting ways of thinking,  this healing will ripple through the ancestral web of connection. Like a Kaleidoscope, one shift affects the whole. The work of the individual realigning and benefitting the greater being.

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