Supporting ourselves through change

Change is the only constant in life, everything changes. The obvious changes that this year has brought to us all aside, our lives today probably look quite different to how they looked ten years ago. However, if our environment does not reflect this by growing and changing with us on some level, we remain vibrationally stuck in the past. This makes it difficult to break free of old patterns and redundant ways of being.

Making a change externally has an immediate impact on our inner world. We all feel the shift in energy when we decorate our homes for Christmas for example, and again when we take down the decorations in January. There is a palpable shift in the energy, our homes feel radically different which impacts on our physical energy and our mood.

Analysing how we wish to live, moving forward, where the focus of our lives will be for the next five years, say, will give us a starting point for what we now require from our homes to support us on our journey. Perhaps everything is just fine, in which case, job done!

If not, then we can look at small changes we can make to begin with. That ornament or picture that was gifted to us, perhaps that we never really loved (or even liked!) which is hanging out in our living room, like an uninvited guest overstaying their welcome. Move it on, clear it out and make some space for something new and vibrant to come in.

Shifting the focus
Shift the focus in your living room from the TV to a beautiful image or vase of flowers; this will focus your energy on your inner world rather than giving dominance to the world at large. All too often the TV is the focal point of the living room by virtue of its size and positioning it can become like an altar to which we must subjugate our lives. If we position the TV above our eye level when we are sitting, then we force ourselves to constantly “look up” to it, giving it a greater dominance over our lives and our free time than it perhaps merits. The scale of the TV relative to the room will also give it lesser or greater dominance symbolically in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV series as much as the next person, but this as with all other things, needs to be in balance to how we wish to live our lives. Allowing our connection with ourselves and with our loved ones to be the overriding influence in how we lay out and orient the seating within our living spaces, symbolically makes gives precedence to our connection to each other and to our homes, and most importantly to whatever brings us most joy, over the intrusions from the outside world.

Setting the tone
Our entrance hall is where we get to set the tone, this is like the handshake (or bearhug) we are met with on entering. Expressing who we are in terms of our personality, setting out our stall, in the entry to our home will immediately support us as we arrive home to ourselves.

In order to set the tone and support our energy especially through times of change and transition we can diffuse essential oils to support our energy on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Supportive Diffuser blend

  • 3 drops of Bergamot (citrus bergamia) an essential oil cold pressed from the rind of the bitter orange fruit. (Therefore always buy organic for preference to avoid oils from the rind of fruit which has been chemically treated). Lemony, peppery and herbal in scent, bergamot has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities, it is relaxing, calming and restorative. It lifts our spirits and helps reduce insomnia. (Do not use on the skin if you are going to be exposed to sunlight as it is highly phototoxic). It has the ability to move stagnant energy built up over time when we can experience frustration, anger and ultimately feel quite stuck in the mud. It helps us to relax and let go becoming more spontaneous. (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)
  • 2 drops of Cypress (Cupressus semperverins) woody, resinous and balsamic, cypress is distilled from the cones, twigs and leaves of this plant. Very therapeutic for use in times of overwhelm, it has been described as being like “a friend holding your hand through troubled times”. An excellent oil for times of transition in life, it is soothing when we are feeling overwhelmed.
  • 2 drops of Marjoram (origanum majorana) warm and herbal this oil also has spicy and woody notes. It is perfect to relieve stress and tension and support self-care. Sweet nourishing and balancing, it can aid us through times of chronic lethargy (caused by prolonged stress) and nervous exhaustion.A distillation of mother earths compassion, marjoram shows us “the joy of the mountains” (Gabriel Mojay Aromatherapy for healing the spirit; Gaia books 1997)

Diffuse in a well-ventilated room, if very young children, immune compromised or weak individuals or animals are present half the amount of oil used in the diffuser. Always ensure animals can leave a room where oils are being diffused, their sensitivity to scent is much greater than that of humans.