Haromony in Relationships with feng shui design

Relationships harmony with Feng Shui Design

February brings with it a renewed sense of energy and vitality, the birds are singing and mother nature is waking up from her slumber. 

On February 14th we celebrate the relationships in our lives with Valentines Day. This is a celebration of our relationships with those we love and hold dear in our lives. 

The relationship harmony area on our floorplan

In feng shui we associate a particular area of our spaces with this energy when we apply the feng shui bagua to our floor plan. In our workspaces this energy relates to how we relate to our employees and partners in business. If this is new information to you, you can find out how to align the bagua with your floorplan in this blogpost.

Always begin by clearing clutter

When we look at this area of our space the first think we want to eliminate is clutter. Clutter creates a sense of heaviness which stagnates the energy and can keep us stuck in a rut or stuck in the past.

Mother earth; the essence of loving kindness

In the I Ching, this energy is associated with KUN the archetypal energy of mother earth. This trigram consists of three yin broken lines is also referred to as “the receptive”. It is associated with being open to and accepting of loving support.

The Nature of KUN is

  • elegance
  • surrender
  • service
  • devotion
  • nurturing
  • maturity
  • softness
  • security
  • adaptability
  • loyalty and kindness. 

This energy can feel vulnerable. However, if we do not remain open to what the universe has to offer we will become brittle. This in turn causes us to feel broken, isolated or detached in some way.


The colours which represent  Earth energy in our spaces are:

  • earthy tones
  • yellows
  • ochres
  • browns
  • peach
  • soft pinks
  •  warm neutrals.


Earthy materials which hold the essence of this element include:-

  • stone
  • marble
  • terracotta
  • natural, textured fabrics


The energy here is soft and receptive. In the decor here include:

  • Softer textures which feel warm and inviting.
  • Low square shapes in decor
  • Square patterning in design

These hold the stable nurturing essence of the earth element. 

To boost this energy

A splash of the fire element is said to inject some energy into our relationships.

Include Fire energy with warm fiery colours of:

  • red
  • red-orange
  •  red-purple.

Hence the prolific use of red roses and red hearts at valentines day. 

Artwork and Ornamentation

Ensure that anything displayed in this area in terms of artwork and ornamentation  reflects the essence of the energy you want to invite into the relationships in your life. This part of our home reminds us that we are always in relationship with those around us, we get to choose the nature and quality of those relationships.

Wishing you much love and kindness on Valentines day and throughout the year!

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