• Being in your element for 2024: Feng Shui Design for the year ahead. In this annual workshop we look at:
    • The energetic shift from 2023 the year of the water rabbit to 2024 the year of the wood dragon.
    • The cyclical energy of the Five elements in Feng Shui Design and how to go with the flow as the energy changes for the new year.
    • Our own personal elemental signature with 9 star ki. We each have our own personal energetic signature which influences how we interact with others and how we act and react to changes in our environment.
    • What can we expect for 2024 personally with 9 star ki. Each year our energy subtly changes and evolves. We look at how we can go with the flow of this change, supporting dynamic balance in all areas of our lives.
    • Supporting our individual energy within our homes and workspaces with Feng Shui Design enhancements for 2024
    • What to expect energetically in the year of the Wood Dragon. Globally the energy will shift quite dramatically as we move from the year of the water rabbit to the year of the wood dragon on February 10th. Being prepared for this shift allows us to maximise our potential for positive change.
    Click here for a short video outlining what was covered in this course ON DEMAND 3.5 hour COURSE you will be sent the link to view in your own time Run by Edel Cleary, Interior Designer and Feng shui Practitioner FSNI FSSA IFSG IFPA Feng Shui Society UK accredited consultant and approved foundation level course provider.  
  • Edel can design a presentation or short course tailored to the needs of groups, or businesses to focus on a particular aspect of feng shui design. For example; Feng Shui Design for Work/Life Balance, Feng Shui Design for the Home Office, Feng Shui Design for Holistic Living, Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui Design, Supporting the Carer with Feng Shui Design. Whatever the focus of your planned gathering or staff day, Edel can tailor a presentation to tie in with your individual requirements. Contact Edel to discuss. Contact Edel to discuss.
  • FREE online feng shui design spotlight webinars

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    Once a month we gather online via zoom from 9am - 10am Saturday to cover a specific topic in feng shui design. These gatherings are Free of charge to be included in our mailing list for the monthly zoom link Register interest via the contact form. Each month we will focus on a different aspect of feng shui design. These spotlight classes draw on the extensive topics covered in Edel’s book “A Place to Call Home; feng shui design guidebook for design, connection and belonging." January 13th 2024  - Spotlight on our Lifepath - the feng shui journey. As we begin the year we set our trajectory for our journey around the sun in 2024. Setting intentions and placing feng shui enhancements in our living and working spaces to support and uplift our energy as we move closer to our dreams and aspirations for the coming year. February 3rd 2024 - Spotlight on Clearing Clutter and space clearing, releasing anything which is keeping us stuck in a rut, lightening our load as we head towards the beginning of the new year on February 10th - The year of the wood Dragon which promises to be a year of great opportunities for change and manifesting our dreams. March 9th 2024 - Spotlight on the area of family, ancestors and the past - connecting to the energy of our roots to support new beginnings. This energy is associated with action, motivation, new growth and vitatlity. April 20th 2024 - Spotlight on creating "A Place to Call Home" weaving together the tapestry of all of the elements in feng shui design, healthy homes, holistic use of colour and art to create a space of true belonging which supports all areas of our lives May 11th 2024 - Spotlight on Abundance and Blessings - opening up to all forms of blessings and abundance in our lives. Making space, clearing out what no longer serves. Inviting in the gentle breeze of wind energy carrying with it all forms of fortunate blessings. June 29th 2024 - Spotlight Balance and Unity - At the mid-point of the year we address the energy of balance, health and wellbeing. Assessing where we feel stuck, letting go of the past and making space at the centre of our homes and workplaces to invite in more balance, stability, fun and good health. Register your interest to join us via the contact form.  
  • Feng Shui Foundation Level Workshop

     ONLINE via zoom

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      This course is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their application to your home. Ahead of the course date you will send your floor-plans (a simple line drawing will suffice, once it is proportionate) to Edel so that she can explain in detail how to apply feng shui design to your individual space. After the course you will have all of the information you need to apply feng shui design to your own home to enhance each area of your life going forward. FSS UK approved foundation level course. EARLY BIRD FREE BOOK OFFER: First six participants to sign up will receive a FREE copy of my book "A Place to Call Home" a 256 page full colour guidebook on feng shui design, healthy homes and holistic interior design. Run by Edel Cleary, Interior Designer and Feng shui Practitioner FSNI FSSA IFSG IFPA Feng Shui Society UK accredited consultant and approved foundation level course provider. Click here for full course information.
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