Feng shui for health and balance at the mid point of the year

June and the Summer Solstice represent the mid-point of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this brings the longest day of the year and the shortest night. At the most yang and expanded point of the year, mother nature reminds us of the importance of remaining grounded, centered and balanced.

The central core of our living space is crucial to radiating balance and light into every area of our home. (See tips to enhance this area of your space below)

The Summer Solstice offers an important reminder for us to stop and take stock. Release what is no longer needed so that we can coast into the second half of 2023 open to all new possibilities and opportunities as they arise.

Tapping into the full moon on June 4th

At our last spotlight gathering we discussed working with the lunar cycle to clear out whatever no longer serves us (clutter, ways of being and so  on) in order to make space for whatever we wish to have more of in our lives (blessings, relationships, time to enjoy life).

We use the time from the full moon to the dark moon/new moon to let go and the time from the dark moon to the full moon we open ourselves up to whatever we wish to draw in.


This full moon is in the sign of Saggitarius and according to Yasmin Boland (her moonology diary each year is invaluable by the way!) this is all about bigger ideas and the bigger picture. She recommends pulling back from the details of whatever might be going on for you and try to take in the bigger picture focusing on what you are grateful for. Make a list of the people, places and things in your life that you are grateful for having met, visited and enjoyed.


From the full moon on June the 4th to the new moon on the 17th focus on letting go, releasing old patterns, things and ways of being that you are now ready to let go of to open yourself up to new possibilities moving forward.

The key questions to ask ourselves at this time of year are “Am I in alignment with my soul purpose? What course adjustments do I need to make to reset my trajectory to reach my life goals?

If you are not sure how to begin, start at the centre, the hub of the wheel of your life and change will spiral outward from this central space.

Feng Shui for the centre of our home which represents health and unity:

  • This space offers us an opportunity to create focus and eliminate confusion.
  • Like the open palm of a hand ready to give and receive, this space is best kept as clear as possible.
  • Bring in light, bright elements (think of drawing in the sunshine) such as flowers and uplifting artwork.
  • Eliminate clutter which creates stagnation.
  • Create a bright and open space which will allow you to breathe in new opportunities.
  • Physically, clean and clear this space often,  keeping the energy here “crystal clear”.
  • Eliminate stressors of any kind here, keep the energy healthy and vibrant.
  • Diffuse some immune supportive essential oils here (see chapter 6 and 8 of my book for recommendations for each area of your home)
  • Add some crystals to keep the energy clear and supportive

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We had a great gathering last month on space clearing and clutter clearing, for those of you who joined us, I hope it inspired you to have a clear out. I know I haven’t stopped since!

On June 17th 9am to 10am we will continue our spotlight series focusing in on Feng shui for stability, balance and good health.

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